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Sick leave

Had PAF for 5 years now but symptoms gradually getting worse and more frequent so going to go for an ablation.

However I work as Operations Manager in highly stressful environment requires travel overseas to Europe and to office 90 mins drive each way.

I am requesting to work from home if possible and may take some sick leave as I've noticed that AF worse in stressful work situations also my MD is a difficult guy to work with.

My contract has 8 days only paid sick leave and I was wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation work wise and how they dealt with it?

I'm 55 next month and still have a mortgage unfortunately so Canar finish work yet though I would like to as my AF is better without the stress.

Thanks in advance as always for your comments.

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I worked in stressful environment for years but one day I put my back out and could hardly move for almost two weeks. Best thing that ever happened.  It allowed me to take a step back. I looked for another job, took a small pay cut and a huge cut in the stress. 

My advice would be - there are other jobs out there and not all make these huge demands. You only have one heart/one life!

I had my ablation almost 3 years ago but was retired by then. All good so far so hope yours goes well.

Good luck 🍀


Thanks for your reply and glad to hear all worked out for you in the end.

Youre right i need to move on from the job but ive become a slave to the wage but your comments are so right about one heart/one life.

Good advice thanks


As my dear old mum used to say "Your health is your wealth" ... So true.  Good luck.


I was in a mega-stress job, but changed to agriculture 12 years ago and am so glad I did. Isn't there any way you can make a change. Smaller house, pay off/reduce the mortgage etc. A mate of mine was MD of a manufacturing company till he was about 55-55, then he packed it up and became a self-employed window-cleaner! Works when he wants to and no employees to drive him crazy. 


Yes ive been considering doing something less stressful and working for myself im 55 now so about the same age.


You are covered by the Disability Discrimination Act - See other posts.

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You  are indeed.  Let them take it to tribunal which they won't 


The individual needs to take it to a tribunal not the employing company. 


Def insist on working from home. Def get a leisure activity scheduled. Stop alcohol and take magnesium   Look for a new job when you can think straight. My thoughts are with you 

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Thanks very much for your advice and support.

How does the Disability Discrimination Act work please?

If there anything specific i could reference please?



Search other posts particularly SVTSophie and Dee's


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