Sick leave

Had PAF for 5 years now but symptoms gradually getting worse and more frequent so going to go for an ablation.

However I work as Operations Manager in highly stressful environment requires travel overseas to Europe and to office 90 mins drive each way.

I am requesting to work from home if possible and may take some sick leave as I've noticed that AF worse in stressful work situations also my MD is a difficult guy to work with.

My contract has 8 days only paid sick leave and I was wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation work wise and how they dealt with it?

I'm 55 next month and still have a mortgage unfortunately so Canar finish work yet though I would like to as my AF is better without the stress.

Thanks in advance as always for your comments.

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  • I worked in stressful environment for years but one day I put my back out and could hardly move for almost two weeks. Best thing that ever happened.  It allowed me to take a step back. I looked for another job, took a small pay cut and a huge cut in the stress. 

    My advice would be - there are other jobs out there and not all make these huge demands. You only have one heart/one life!

    I had my ablation almost 3 years ago but was retired by then. All good so far so hope yours goes well.

    Good luck 🍀

  • Thanks for your reply and glad to hear all worked out for you in the end.

    Youre right i need to move on from the job but ive become a slave to the wage but your comments are so right about one heart/one life.

    Good advice thanks

  • As my dear old mum used to say "Your health is your wealth" ... So true.  Good luck.

  • I was in a mega-stress job, but changed to agriculture 12 years ago and am so glad I did. Isn't there any way you can make a change. Smaller house, pay off/reduce the mortgage etc. A mate of mine was MD of a manufacturing company till he was about 55-55, then he packed it up and became a self-employed window-cleaner! Works when he wants to and no employees to drive him crazy. 

  • Yes ive been considering doing something less stressful and working for myself im 55 now so about the same age.

  • You are covered by the Disability Discrimination Act - See other posts.

  • You  are indeed.  Let them take it to tribunal which they won't 

  • The individual needs to take it to a tribunal not the employing company. 

  • Def insist on working from home. Def get a leisure activity scheduled. Stop alcohol and take magnesium   Look for a new job when you can think straight. My thoughts are with you 

  • Thanks very much for your advice and support.

    How does the Disability Discrimination Act work please?

    If there anything specific i could reference please?


  • Search other posts particularly SVTSophie and Dee's

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