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Its ruling me

Have had two episodes that kanded me in hospital fid  few hours

Six months apart

Thoughg i was doing so well.

Last night as i went to bed felt heart rate go a littke crazy..

Im on 5 mg bisopolol which i raje in thd mornings  before work.

But after seconx epuside was given 2.5mg to use if it happend again.

Id had maybe jyst tok late a mesl of ouzza last night.

No indigestion but jusf knes it wiuld kick iff.

Abyway took the 2.5mg arounf asn hour inyo episode . It did calm it diwn and ive slept.


Eatjng to heavy at night can thus cayse a probkem?

Ir is ot one of thise things? 

Taking mh life over

Go to work.go home .go to bed.

Scared of it happenjng when im alone!

Am i as daft as i feel right niw?

Was i right to take the extra meds when i did?

Sorry to be a pain

Thank you.😕

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Eating too much would set me off. I always eat small meals, more often. Alcohol would also start me off. 


Thanks Koll.

Im just glad thd extra med helped

I dont want to go into the hospital anytime.

Happy Easter and Thank you.


It sounds like you did the right thing,  It won't take your life over if you can manage it like you did this time. 

I think the more we have AF and deal with it successfully the less scary it becomes, so perhaps this episode might help you learn what sets it off and also to worry less.  Just keep off whatever it was that set it off so late in the day!


Thanks. I will.

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To add to Koll and eating late (apart from an cracker or the like).

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Wont do that again in a hurry.

This AF is not choosy.

But sure as eggs Scary.

Thank you


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