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Well got my dates


Hello on a lovely sunny morning in Chester. In the mail yesterday I received my date for my abalation at the Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital on the 16th May. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. May I ask if the use of Apixaban is for people in permanent AF only or is it used for anyone with AF from infrequent attacks to permanent AF.

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Good luck from a sunny Kent morning. My understanding is that apixaban used usually with AF to reduce stroke risk

Give me a ring nearer the time and I'll run through what to expect and what you need to take in with you.

I spent the run-up to my ablation trying to get fit. It's good to have a target!

jayd in reply to jennydog

Hi Jenny. I too am having ablation at Liverpool on 20th April and would really appreciate any advice on what to expect and what to take. Thank you so much.


Anticoagulation is not dependent on permanent or paroxysmal AF but a requirement pre ablation and for a while afterwards to prevent the formation of clots which could be dislodged during the procedure and cause a stroke.

Good to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I am on apixaban although I have had an ablation which to date has been successful (2.5 years and counting). So the answer to your question is that it is for anyone who has AF, not just those with permanent AF (assuming there are no medical reasons for not taking it)

Hi Roy. I too have bitten the bullet and am going for an ablation on 20th April at Liverpool Chest and Heart Hospital and am also feeling fairly anxious. I'll report back after and let you know how it went! I am on Apixaban and have been told to just not take it the day prior to the ablation. Looking forward to steady NSR for us all!

Lorna058 in reply to jayd

Good luck from a no-longer-sunny Chester! I had my cryoablation ablation at Liverpool heart and chest, last October. Very well treated, and plenty of support on tap when you are discharged. I felt very safe in their hands.

Thanks everyone once again and good luck Jayd I hope all goes well and look forward to hearing about your experience at LH&C . Cheers Roy

I don't know about Apixaban, but had my ablation in Liverpool at the beginning of December. It's nothing to worry about, I sailed through it. Hope that it's successful for you too.

Thanks for your reply Nina

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