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Cape Town Cycle Tour

This will be my 6th Cape Town Cycle Tour. Will I beat my best time of 04:09:01 in 2014, and does my 2,5mg Bisoprolol taking AFIB heart slow me down? I have never thought about it.

The first question only I can answer, but does Bisoprolol make one "slower"? It is difficult for me to say because I have been using it for so long.

Any cyclist or runners out there?

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Not a cyclist, but as I will be "trapped" for the day in my area of Hout Bay because of the race I will be down there cheering you on. Happy cycling!


Have a great day, good luck, hope you beat your goal.


So, how did you do, Janco? It was perfect weather for 109km!

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I'm very grateful, because everything went 100% and yes the weather was perfect.

I did 3:53, so it is my best time so far.

Thank you for all you Cape Town people for "lending" your Town to us for the weekend.

Suikerbossie was a struggle, but worth it, if only for the scenery.


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