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Some of you may remember I posted a little while ago about my daughter who had suffered an episode of AF in the summer last year. She has been taken off warfarin and recently underwent an angiogram and had measurements taken of the pressures inside her heart. The specialist decided her pressures were 3 times higher than they should have been. It has been decided that a new valve is needed within the next 6 months. But before they can do this she has to have a stent fitted at BHI next Friday. Can anyone give me any advice on how long she is likely to need to recover? What can we expect after the operation? We have no appointment for a pre-op so no time to ask the questions we need as we did prior to her angio-gram so any advice for her as the patient and myself as the carer would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hello, that seems odd that there is no appt for a pre op. I would suggest a phone call to her gp would be a good idea. Or better still, the secretary of the consultant at the hospital, see if she/he can arrange a chat. Good luck and keep us posted.

  • As Jan said phone up consultants secretary and ask for a phone one. If they offer you a call with the cardiac nurse then take it because they are much easier to get hold of if you have further questions and they usually can get good access to consultant and usually better than secretary. That's my experience. For my ablation they gave me a phone preop consultation because I live over 30 miles from the hospital but I requested a face to face one as it only takes an hour door to door and only costs £9 on the train.

  • Provided no complications she should be ok in about 2 weeks. You are not allowed to drive for a week anyway, and no exertion or lifting for at least 2 weeks. Consultant will tell you after the stent is in how long to wait for the post-op clearance meeting as every procedure is different and there are different stents for each.

  • Thanks Mike, will help me plan as she lives with her 7 year old and she will have to stay with me when she comes home.

  • I know it will be hard with a child but keep her from doing anything if you can. Lifting a 7 year old up is definitely a no-no as lifting can cause the stent to move before it is properly embedded. Probably best to have a talk with the child before the op that they must not throw themselves at mummy for a hug after the operation or for a couple of weeks.

    Good luck and hope it goes well.

  • Thanks Mike, will def have a word or two with grandson, he can be boisterous!!!

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