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Advice please

Waiting for call from my EP. Had abalation October. 2 weeks later conversion. Put on amioadrone but had to get off because it hurt my eyesight. Now I am in flutter and AF nurse said the dr would probably want to do another conversion. How many of these things do they do and after how many conversions do they do another abalation. Just would like to know if anyone else has had it this way?

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I had 2 cardioversions within 2 weeks of my ablation. During this 3-6 month blanking period while the heart is healing it is not unusual for abnormal rhythms to pop up and so they want to cardiovert you before your heart relearns a bad habit. It takes at least that 6 months, for all the burns to heal in your heart to see how it all sorts out so that would be the earliest they would be talking about another ablation. Have they thought of putting you on another rhythm medication since the amiodarone didn't work for you? Try not to stress too much and see what they tell you come April.

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As much as I speak against flecainide, I think it's important to note that it's used post-ablation to control breakthrough arrhythmias. Studies indicate 150mg/day isn't enough - it takes 200mg/day. I don't know if it affects flutter the same as AF, but it's worth asking about.


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