I have been on this forum for only a couple of months. During this time I have read almost all posts and replies in and effort to learn as much as I can about PAF.

I had appointment with my EP yesterday and went armed with lots of information thanks to all of you. He was very impressed i may say!

I have been on Flecanaide for a number of years and aspirin. I mentioned to him (thank you, Bob) that aspirin has been shown to have noaffect on A fib. He did agree! Asked him why it was prescribed to me and he answered, for your arteries. Ok I get that but I have excellent cholesterol. Oh well, that's another conversation.

Result of appointment after very long discussion was, I am starting on Pradaxa( again thank you Bob) and have scheduled an ablation for September.

He also agreed that as long as I'm on Pradaxa I can start to take Flecanaide as PIP.

I today have such a grateful heart for having all of you on this forum . I feel for the first time in years that I am in charge of me. We afibbers are in this together and together we will make each of us stronger. As always any opinions as to my decisions are appreciated. Good health to all, Gracey

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  • Gracey, lovely to hear that you have learnt so much from this forum . It is great isn't it ?

    I just wish it had been in existence when I first started this AF lark 23 years ago .



  • Well done Gracey, Good call. knowledge is power. Power to the people.


  • What a lovely and encouraging post Gracey. I too have been able to ask for, and get, medications that I know I need, because of the information on this site. All doctors have been impressed with well reasoned arguments and also charts and printouts that I take along with me. As Bob so often says, knowledge is power. Keep well. JanR

  • You are so lucky. After my first episode three months ago I plotted my resting pulse and BP twice a day. Tabulated them and plotted them on a graph with points marked where I had AF. Offered to show them to my first ever appointment with an EP and he just said " I don't need to see that - you've got Paroxysmal AF, do you want to go on Warfarin?". That was pretty much my consultation!

    That is at the alleged "top" Cardiothoracic Centre in Essex!

  • Great post.

  • Hi Gracey, you might be interested to know this Forum was praised in a feature article in the Guardian yesterday.

    Can I ask, as I am looking to decrease my Flecainide after 2 years, how did the EP suggest you wean yourself off the Flec? e.g. just stop completely, slowly decrease the dose, decrease the dose first at the best time and last at the worst time - maybe bedtime.

    Good Luck with your plan

  • Hi Orchard,

    Any possibility of posting the Forum article from the Guardian? I'd love

    to read it.



  • I basically told EP that I wanted to go to PIP so he agreed. I will when I know I am protected with Prodaxa as I'm not on an anti coagulant right now. I guess I would say if you really want to give it a try ask your EP his opinion. I want to try because I don't like taking medication , let me know what you decide, Gracey

  • Interesting to hear of the Guardian mention yesterday Orchardworker . Could you give a resume of article please !


  • Thanks very much!

  • Hooray! One more person who is her own doctor!

  • Yes, a powerful feeling to stand for yourself! Thanks for the support and all your guidance, Gracey

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