Fainting feeling

Oh no another new symptom - I have just had the feeling of being very dizzy and faint and thought I was going to fall. I didn't and it was over in seconds but my heart rate is a bit higher than normal and is taking some time to settle. Any body else had this and any idea what it could be. These things never happen when you are attached to a monitor!,


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  • i have those feelings every day awful aren't they makes going out and about quite unnerving. All part of my arrhythmias so medics have told me. I hope yours settle down. Ask your doc for advice if not.

  • Hi,

    I also get dizzy occasionally.. It often happens after I have been sitting for a while - when I get up to quickly from the settee, when I go upstairs faster than I should and when I get off the bus and start walking. It only lasts a few seconds. As you say it never happens when you are attached to a monitor.

    Hope you will soon be feeling better.

  • Yes, I sometimes get this - with it comes a darkness that sweeps over my body. Just as I feel I'm going to pass out it goes. Not nice, but I think quite common with we AF folk.

    No when we're attached to monitors we always feel extremely well!!!


  • Possibly very High or low blood pressure or possibly low heart rate

    Doc told me years ago that because I had a low resting HR I might have dizzy feeling if I got up from resting to quickly.

    Get the same felng when ears get bunged up too. Could be all sorts reckon Think it best you get checked out by a medic.

    I am just off for a decoke of the ear-ole. So that will be one thing for me to tick off my list. Its first of my weakly trips for checking this and that.

  • I get similar symptoms post AF episode but if you don't think it is AF related, it sounds very similar to vertigo or labarynthitus symptoms (not sure if the spelling is correct). If it is a vertigo problem, travel sickness meds can help but best get your GP to confirm first.

    Also, as constabule says, it could well be low blood pressure.

  • I also experienced similar dizzy spells and feeling faint (although only passed out once). I thought it was my AF, but gp advised me to eat more salt (I have virtually none in my diet) and to drink more water. I have done as advised and it seems to have been very effective - no more dizziness and feeling faint.

  • Thanks everyone for yourself replies. Good to know it's not just me!


  • Me too, have theses most days lasting seconds, but about once or twice a year have to lie down flat with legs higher for a few minutes. Strange this happens when I'm not in AF😨

  • I get my AF for about 36 hours. A bit unnerving but nothing that I would have worried about before I found out I had it! What I have noticed is that when I go back to normal I feel a bit dizzy. I wondered if it was my body being slow to readjust to my now lower heart rate and BP and overshoots so to speak. It has been trying to lower it and continues to do so once I am out of it so have low BP for a short while.

  • You should also consider that this might be a side effect of a medication you are taking because of Afib. You don't say what or if you are taking medication.

  • I had a few days of feeling like that last week. Wondered if it was caused by AF but I decided it was possibly a minor ear/sinus infection as I was a bit snuffly. Since I had labyrinthitis about 18 months ago, my sense of balance has been much more prone to feeling a bit wobbly. Also realised I spend a lot of time focussing up close on computer screen, wearing stronger glasses. If I move my head too quickly whilst wearing my 'close screen' glasses, that too can make me feel slightly dizzy for a second or two. It's easy to blame AF but it may not be the root cause of everything.

  • Its a mystery, but thanks for replying.


  • A 7 day halter should show whether your heart is pausing when coming out of an episode of AF because this can cause dizziness or fainting. A pacemaker can improve the situation.

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