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ablation follow up

Hi all

Just a quick check in

Had EP follow up yesterday 3 months after ablation.

Off all meds for 6 weeks, off rivaroxiban for 3 weeks and just a few ectopics since.

All good and just another follow up in a year.

He explained the wording on the post op letter. Apparently my 'floppy septum' is a normal finding and relates to the ease to passing the wire through. Some are difficult to penetrate due to the give in them and is nothing structurally wrong.

Secondly I do have 4 pulmonary veins not 3 as the letter states '3 successfully ablated'. Some veins split further down the vein than on the surface of the heart so are not ablated.

I know at 3 months its early days but feeling good. Still have a tickly cough but sure it will ease in time.

I thought sharing the explanation may save some others from worrying if these terms are used in their discharge letters also, and to show that hopefully there is light the other side of the ablation trail!!

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Great news.


Good news! Best wishes for the future.


All the best in your new AF free self. I too had only 3 of my 4 pulmonary veins ablated first time around.


So pleased for you that all is going well. Keep up the good work.



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