Feeling ghastly

Full-blown attack, am now 4 hours in. Feeling ghastly, typical irregular fast rhythm, very nauseous, absolutely ziltch energy. Will not use any of the gadgets as would rather not know the details, it is enough to know I am there, with full warfarin cover at 2.7 INR. Taking twice daily metropolol, patience and calm probably better! Third ablation scheduled with Prof Schilling beginning of April. Until then .....

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  • Hi Annaelizabeth,

    How are you now? I'm interested that you are trying to sit this one out . What is your approximate heart rate and do you get any pain? Do you find that this resolves without any further medical intervention ?


  • New day, all has appeared to have settled back into its persistent 'normality', at the time it is uncomfortable rather than painful, well over 100bpm, but again I try not to dwell on that side of things, just hold on until it settles. The meds I take finally get there. Unfortunately I am one of the ones that does not respond to the run of the mill options, well I do respond but not in the desired way - hence the third ablation!

  • So unwelcome! But it does help to make one feel confident that ablation is one's way forward.

    Do hope you are feeling better now.

  • Thank you, better but wiped out. I live on my own and find this site such a blessing and comfort.

  • Hi Anna - Sorry to hear you're not feeling too good. How are you today?


  • Wibbly wobbly but all is relatively quiet on the western front - I can gently function.

  • Sorry you are having a bad time and hope it has now resolved itself. This AF is such a debilitating disease. I hope your next ablation kicks it in the butt for good.


  • Yes fingers crossed that it will and thank you.

  • So sorry for you If it helps at all I had Prof Schilling who got it all right April 2014 and I would never go to anyone else

    Good luck


  • Thank you Penny, I feel very much the same, if anyone is going to give me a chance it will be him. Unfortunately I have a prosthetic mitral valve he has to contend with - but he seems to thrive on tricky things!

  • Hi I am interested to hear about the prosthetic mitral valve. Mine works at 58% but no one suggested doing anything about it do you feel better for the prosthesis

    Your later posts seem to say your AF settling now, Long may it last

  • Absolutely, mine was congenital and finally gave up 20 years ago at the age of 45 it could not be repaired. I had a wonderful surgeon, the valve has never given any problem. However nowadays, they have come on in leaps and bounds, these days they can do so much more and minimally invasive. Two things with prosthesis, the first is lifelong warfarin and the second that eventually you will go into af - hence me! I don't quite understand the only 'works and 58%' bit, are you incapacitated by it - if so start pushing, if not, leave it well alone!

  • Thank you for replying. I think it is a case of "don't trouble trouble til trouble troubles you" but I do like to have as much information as possible

    I do hope you are feeling better

  • Anna, I feel for you, all I can say is hang on in there, it's a waiting game isn't it...so sorry you are going through the mill.

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