Another episode

Well here I am in my local cardiac ward once again. 17 hours of af finally sorted by metropolol then extra 5mg of bisoprolol. Only came up to ae on insistence of partner as felt really faint and thats just been during past few episodes which are getting longer. So now waiting to see doc then can get home. MRI on 18th March then pmaker/defib back in after that. Know it wont cure the af but might lessen the episodes x

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  • Sorry to hear that Jules,

    Your right though it wont be cured but if you are like me you will be able to cope better as side effects are not as bad during an episode.

    Be well,

    Wendi x

  • Thanks Wendi x

  • Hi Jules,

    Sorry to hear this news.

    Cannot understand why you are on 2 different beta-blockers.

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Barry im only on the bisoprolol usually but they tried the metropolol first. When that didnt work then gave me the extra bisoprolol and my heart rate went down within an hour x

  • Hi Jules,

    Thanks for explaining the situation, l am on Bisoprolol myself. Hope things improve for you.

    Best Wishes


  • What do you mean by "then pmaker/defib back in after that"

  • I had a pmaker/defib put in last august but due to an infection had it removed in september. After my cardiac mri in March the plan up to now is to put the device back in

  • At the moment Inhealth who do the imaging at my local hospital do not scan my type of MRI compatible pacemaker fitted at that hospital. The local BUPA hospital radiographer would but they don't have a technician to reset my pacemaker and their cardiologists said no to me having it reset offsite.

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