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What now?


Just about a year ago I had my 4th ablation. I was told to stay on all my drugs, Bisoprolol, Losartan, Bumetanide, Warfarin until ECG at a year marker. During the ablation they also found that I had Pulmonary Hypertension.

Yesterday the ECG confirmed my suspicion that I had gone back into AF - I think about 2 weeks ago.

So, what now, as the EP said that he had done all he could?

I was so hoping to come off some of the drugs. There has always been a medical pathway to follow but now.....?

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Sorry to hear this news.

I suppose its best to see the EP again to talk about that. Times change and over the year maybe more support is on the horizon.

There are some people here who have had more than four ablations, if it can be done and deemed necessary.

Keepin touch


Thanks Phil. I just don't know what he can do now. I will see him but I haven't got the mental strength to arrange it yet

If you've not already done so, may I suggest you read Dr John day's website drjohnday.com and try all the appropriate life-style changes that you can. They will improve your health, help to decrease the severity of your AF, and improve the chance of another ablation being effective . . .

annel in reply to Polski

Hi Polski. I greatly respect the advice and information given by Dr Day. I would not, however, want some AFibbers to go away with the idea that they will be able to greatly help their AF despite following Dr Day's advice. There are some of us, a very small proportion, who seem to have intractable AF. At a recent international meeting of AF specialists this problem was discussed and I understand that the problem is really taxing the fibest EP brains! So following Dr Day's advice and lifestyle changes is great but don't blame yourself if, despite "doing the right things" AF will not be vanquished. Anne

Polski in reply to annel

Agreed, but I am always concerned at how many people desperately want to find a solution to AF, but seem to ignore the healthy-eating/supplements/life-style approach. I always wonder how many of them could find some relief from seriously following such an approach, and this seemed particularly relevant to Barb 1 who is seeking alternative solutions as the doctors are struggling to help.

Dr John helped to develop ablation, knows what it will and won't do, and has seriously looked for ways to make ablation more successful, or to avoid it altogether. See


Life-style approaches may not help everyone, but nor does ablation - as this person has discovered! However, serious life-style changes will always improve our health in some way. If that makes AF more bearable, they will still have helped.

I am so sorry Barb that you have not had a successful 4th ablation. I am on the waiting list for my 4th. My EP told me that ablations after #3 do not really produce the significant benefits that the first 3 hope to give. He has told me that if #4 does not do the trick then he has array of pacemakers. I guess that means pace and ablate. My EP has always given me the confidence that he understands how awful AF is and that he will always be doing his best to get me as good an outcome as possible. Hang in there. There may be another answer just around the corner. Anne

Thanks Anne, I so hope that your 4th is long term successful. I don't really understand pace and ablate, as you still have AF which must still be harming your heart?

This is tough stuff, for sure. Have you heard anything about which is the more dangerous condition, AF or PHT? I suspect PHT is, because it causes both heart and lung damage. I don't want to alarm you overmuch, but AF won't kill you while PHT can. Suggest you get a competent and well-reasoned treatment plan.

Best of luck.

I have an appointment with the respiratory consultant to discuss the results of some tests, so maybe I'll wait for that before seeing the EP. I am still to have a right heart catheterisation but I may not be able to have it, if I can't be sedated, as my back will spasm and I will move. Kodaska, yes it is alarming me but it is realistic. However the treatment plan as I understand it is basically the meds that I am on now.

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