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Echo-Cardiogram on Wednesday

So I'm finally having an echocardiogram performed after being diagnosed with Afib back in November. I've also had a 24 hour urine test and blood tests searching for various things from thyroid function to liver/kidney function (also a full blood count). Coupled with the echo, will the results of these tests combined determine the cause (if there is any) of my arrhythmia? Plus do any of you know what a full blood count shows/what it can detect?


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No nothing can tell you the cause of AF. It happens .

The echo should show if there are any abnormalities in your heart or it is other wise quite healthy. The thyroid test will eliminate that as a possible reason and electrolytes will show if there are any chemical reasons why you are having events.

Sadly there is no single reason why person A may develop AF and not person B although there are some common denominators. Two of those are binge drinking and over exercise , both common causes in younger people. The incidence of AF increases with age as well and probably many of our members will be 55+ at least .

You are in the system and being treated from what you say but I would urge you to read all you can about your condition so that you can engage with those treating you from a position of some knowledge

AF Association website is a good place to start.



I ha d 24hr urine test for tumour on adrenal gland it was negative


So I had my echo-cardiogram today, and the nurse told me that from looking at the screening it doesn't look like there's anything wrong with my heart so that's a good start! Going back to the hospital on 1st March for an appointment with a Cardiologist.


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