In af again

Am having quite a few bouts of af this week

Whilst they dont last long i feel down being tired and anxious

Oh how i wish i could wave a wand and say go away af im in a bad mood with you!!

Im just lying in bed with my faithful i pad hoping i can get some sleep.

If any of you are in similar surroundings let me know then ill know im not alone

Goodnight all

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  • You are not alone. I had to struggle through an episode this afternoon, needed to be ok for work later. I tried an hour of the latest tomb raider game. Got so involved I didn't notice when af stopped. I find resting doesn't suit me. I hate it when I get it at night. I m not suggesting you leap out of bed and find some activity just for an adrenaline rush! It suits me, but not everyone! Just know that there are probably dozens of people suffering along with you right now. It will pass I get my hb to keep repeating that to me whenever I start getting panicky. Sleep soon. JanR

  • Thanks janran

    Listening to music relaxes me or playing my guitar.

    Thatsok in daytime but at night dont think my wife would leap out of bed and dance as i relive my 60s music!!!

    Itsjust so nice to know others are there when i need some kind words of


    Enjoy your day

  • Are you prescribed a PIP or some other type of "rescue" medication? Also wondering, this is quite a stretch, but do you have an online group such as bridge, chess, or some other interaction to take your mind off AF in the middle of the night?

  • For some reason lorna the last cardiologist i saw told me i wasnt suitable for a pip when i go into af but im due to see an ep soon so ill discuss with him.

    Thanksfor suggestion of on line clubs etc not thought about that.

    It was kind of you to send your comments

  • Ablation was that magic wand for me. Ahh what a relief it was, for 15 months! Hope you get your magician soon.

  • Always know you are never alone I live the other side the world so when you think everyone is asleep I am awake lol

  • Thanks mazza do i take it you are in australia?

    I loved my holiday there in 1995.

  • Sure am we are in for a hot week 41. 41. 39. 39 so will have to watch fluid intake

  • Poor you. We know how it feels. Personally I've had only two significant attacks and like child birth you never forget it. I'm sorry fior anyone suffering v regularly. Try doelisfing Words with friends. S great distraction

  • Thanks elaine

    Not sure what you mean by doelisfing?



  • Probably "doing"

  • Indeed. Sorry. Doing it is. !

  • You are not alone. If you ever find that wand, let me know. its the anxiety that I dread most as if the actual afib wasn't enough to deal with.

  • Suggest doing a search on this site for "mindfulness."

  • Your not alone, certainly not on hear.. if I had a magic wand I'd wave it around and wish for everyone to be well! There are so many of us that can really empathize with you, I was in a bad mood with it all the other day and fed up and felt anxious, but your doing the right thing sharing it, because then we can offer our support and understanding and that should help you, this is a great forum... People really can lift your spirit's... Sometimes it's just doing little things to improve the moment, I also play the guitar not during the night as I don't think my other half would appreciate it.. lol but I also have my trusty iPad, it's a great distraction in wee small hours when I've woken up in af... I love looking at random pictures of tranquil places, reading affermations and generally anything that calms my mind! 🙏

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