complications :-(

Evidently when they had problems removing the sheaths from my groin they created some bruising and trauma in that area. Had problems walking and constant pain in my right leg after I got home. Went to see the EP on Friday concerning an issue with the bleeding but didn't feel the leg was worth mentioning(my big mistake) over the weekend it got worse. Decided if it wasn't better on Monday I was calling in. Was a little better on Monday but my daughter convinced me to call in. Glad I did. They sent me in immediately then admitted me in the hospital. They thought I developed a clot. Turns out it was a huge hematoma that was pressing on my muscles and nerves in the leg. Doing much better today . Noticed while I was hooked up to the heart monitor that I show a lot of PVC's especially in the morning. They don't seem to be to concerned about it when I asked but I will monitor it. My Potassium and Magnesium levels show normal but it is my understanding that the serum tests don't really show you accurate level.

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  • Ectopics are normal and should settle as your heart heals over the next few months. Try not to worry too much.

  • If your groin symptoms don't improve,ask your provider about a vascular consult. They can do ultrasound to check for complications and recommend a course of "wait and see," a specialized injection, or (rarely) other action.

  • I had same problem after PVI and agree with lorna-doone see a vascular consultant. That's what happened with me and had MRI scan and ultra sound. Luckily it seems to have resolved itself, but still have pain, PVI done in August.

  • I suggest gentle stretching for both legs, paying particular attention to the areas above and below the hematoma. You want to promote good circulation so the pooled blood can disperse. If there's clotting, that's a different story. But if it's all fluid, stretching will help, as will Viparita Karani, a yoga pose where you lie on your back with your feet up a wall. Hold for 10-20 minutes to reduce swelling in the legs.

  • I also had a hematoma after my 2nd Afib ablation but much smaller than yours. I mentioned it to my GP and had an ultrasound and it is going away.

    However, after my my 1st ablation for Aflutter, I developed a pseudo aneurism in right groin and after an ultrasound I had a tech use both hands to put 40 lbs of pressure for 30 minutes to stop bleeding. I'm glad that worked because otherwise I would have needed surgery.

    Heather R

  • Heather, had 3 nurses holding pressure for about the same time.I thought all the bruising was from that.will keep an eye on it.

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