Ablation prep

I am preparing for my ablation tomorrow. Not nervous (yet) but feeling a bit shaky, due I suspect to having stopped taking Flecanaide and Metropolol on Monday. I have prepared an itinerary for myself which includes - set alarm for 5.30 am, do wee sample, bath and shave groin, check overnight bag (all meds in original boxes, paper pants, drinking bottle, lip salve, emergency snacks, etc.) 6.10 ring hospital to make sure a bed is available (I do hope so by this stage)! 6.15 lift arrives to get me to hospital for 7.30. 8.30 down to theatre. And hopefully by about 3pm it will all be done and dusted!

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  • Good luck, let us know how it went. JanR.

  • Thanks Jan. Will do.

  • Hi Nan,

    Hope all goes well tomorrow.

    Best Wishes


  • Thanks Barry

  • 10/10 for taking our advice.

    I hope that all goes well. You will always have the knowledge that you gave it your best shot.

    Final instruction - you need to rest, rest, rest to allow your heart to heal.

  • Yep. I intend to do my best!

  • Take a good book / magazines / ipad etc. You never know if you have to wait around for a while.

    ...and a lift home afterwards.

    Have a good one :-)


  • Thanks Koll. Will do.

  • Dont forget vasaline for lips and something easy to eat. I was given a prepacked tuna sandwich and it was horrible . Nothing else till next mornings breakfast! Next time im going to take cereal bars. Good luck. Let us know how you go on. X

  • Banana, only thing I could swallow for 12 hours, slips down easily.

  • Will pop one in my bag. Thanks.

  • Will do. Thanks.

  • Will do. Thanks.

  • Wishing you well ....look forward to a full unabridged report !!


  • Will do. Thanks

  • Since it is now 8.50 you will be under way in the lab by now so good lucks not needed. Do make sure that you rest afterwards for at least a week and not overdo things for another afterwards, Let us know how you feel but don;t worry about a few blips along the way as this is quite normal.

  • Bob she wrote this 2hrs ago, so think her procedure may be tomorrow.

  • no good asking me what day it is . I'm retired! Eyes not working this morning-- thought it was 12 hours ago i e last night. Sorry Nan.

  • Thanks Bob

  • Hope all goes well and that it's successful. Will be thinking of you and waiting to hear how it all went etc.


  • Thanks

  • Hope it goes well.

  • Thanks

  • NanT.

    Think I would do the shaving today. You don't want the shaver to slip! You'll be fine. Quite natural to feel a little nervous. Get well. Dave.

  • Yes.Will do. Thanks

  • There was something in the Daily Mail ( so it must be true 😀) - yesterday I think - that said if you were shaving for an op/ procedure, it is best done on the day as doing it before allows time for infection to get into the hair follicles.

  • Thanks. Won't have time in the morning though!

  • Waxing can be good - but it needs several days to settle down. Regrowth doesn't give any trouble for a couple of weeks.

    You can find later (as fortunately you don't notice at the time) that extra pruning has been carried out during the ablation, so don't hold back and think the minimum will do!

    All the best Nan - the day will fly by. Take a charger for your phone.

  • Thanks. Just putting my charger in the bag!

  • We'll all be thinking of you in the morning and expecting it will go well.

  • Good luck! I hope all goes well for you.

  • Thank you.

  • I was told that phone / tablet chargers were the most forgotten thing!!!

    People forget to take them in or forget to take them home and BOTH forget to take them in and take them home!!

  • I won't forget. Thanks.

  • I knew you wouldn't because you said above you were putting it in your handbag. Just some chit chat for teh benefit of others!!!!

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