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RD&E Exeter Hospital

The last time I saw an EP was Dr Glyn Thomas at Bristol Heart Centre which was 4 years ago. I have a review with my GP who thought it would be an idea to have another check up at Bristol due to the length of time since the last one.

To be honest not really had many issues and i am a regular cyclist.

Bristol have now come back saying they will not see me as I live in Devon (this wasn't a problem last time).

Anyway my question is does anyone know if RD&E in Exeter are any good for us with Afib.



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There is an EP at R D and E ex Barts and very good.


Do you know his name Bob

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Matt something I think but according to the AF Association link there is a Doctor Ghandi listed as a specialist. John Dean is a senior cardiologist who I saw back in 2004 but he sent me to Royal Bompton for my ablations as they didn't at that time do such in Exeter. Best ring them and ask the name of their EP. I have met Matt??? at HRC but for the life of me can't recall his name but something like Earley I think.



Thanks Bob


Hi Chris and Bob - his name is Matt Lovell and he is very good. However I saw him at the Nuffield Hospital in Exeter where he has his private practice as I was waiting such a long time for an appointment at the RD&E for an echocardiogram and becoming more and more anxious it was making the afib so much worse. He was very thorough and I had a consultation with him that lasted well over an hour discussing planned drug treatment and other options. He said I could see him at the RD &E later this year for a check up as an NHS patient.

I would just like to add - as this is my first post- if it wasn't for this website with all the wonderful supportive people posting information and giving advice - I would have been a nervous wreck while waiting for diagnosis . So a big thank from me to everyone .

PS in searching for an EP in Exeter I rang the AFA first and they recommended

Matt Lovell.


Thanks Elizabeth


I have had a ESP study and at a later date an ablation for SVT performed by Matthew Lovell at the RDand E. I can only say that he was fantastic both in his work and follow up consultation. Thoroughly recommended.


Thanks Whizy


Hi Chris's i live Swindon, I've had 2 Ablations with Glyn Thomas in Bristol, I just wondered why they won't give you a follow up as I'm still under his Care if I require it..did you have an ablation with Glyn and are you on any drugs to cope with the problem.. It would be interesting to talk to you personally as you are the only one I know under Glyn...Regards Bri


Hi Bri

I saw him 4 years ago and he said he suffered with AF but he would never have an ablation himself so put me on meds. To be honest i haven't had many issues.

My GP just thought it would be a good idea to touch base with him to see how things were going.

They just turned around and said they would not see me as i am out of their area which i thought was strange.


Dr Lovell at the RD&E specialises in abnormal heart rhythms.


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