Valve clinic

Hello all, been to Valve Clinic this morning, didn`t know this was what I was going to just referred to it after my last A & E visit in October last year. I knew from a heart scan I had then, that I had a slightly leaking valve (LHS) and this was a shock to me as I remember my dad had that and he died of heart failure, all quite unpleasant it was.

The Specialist nurse was great, informative and encouraging, re exercise etc. Im 68 so its heard to know whether you are breathless cos you arent fit or is it the heart???? She has referred me to Broad Green, the heart and chest hospital in Liverpool for an assessment for ablation. In the meantime she taken me off Amlodopine and put me on Ramipril which helps the heart pump better and also keeps the bp in order.

All in all, a good hospital visit, makes a change.....

Best wishes to all ...Pat


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