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MRI compatible Boston Scientific pacemaker and MRI scan

I was fitted with an MRI compatible Boston Scientific single chamber pacemaker in July, Device L110, Lead 1 7742.

My neuro surgeon wants me to have a full spine MRI and for convenience have it done privately at my local hospital where Inhealth run the facility for private and NHS patients rather than at the Nuffield. He asked my cardiologist at the local hospital to make the arrangements for the pacemaker to be adjusted for the procedure.

After a five week silence I contacted the consultants PA who had also noticed the delay but was only getting voicemail in her calls to the hospital (surprise?) when trying to expedite it.

She called me back today to say that they had told her that they only scan Medtronic pacemakers. She suggested that I will need to go elsewhere or settle for a CT scan.

I checked my pacemaker on the Boston site and it can be switched to MRI protection mode and full body scans can be done without time limitations. It is compatible with 1.5 and type 3.0 scanners.

Prior to the pacemaker being fitted I also had a problem with Inhealth when they said that they could not do a scan as I have a tissue aortic valve. That took days to sort out.

I then phoned the pacemaker clinic who could not see any problem in doing the scan but are going to double check for me. His only suggestion was that Inhealth are not familiar with this make but as it seems to be the product of choice with my EP that would be strange.

Has anyone else here with a pacemaker had a problem getting an MRI scan done

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