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Confused again

Af again but still confused as to what to do. As I also have Dilated Cardiomyopathy and LBBB do I go to ae or wait the episode out. Still getting conflicting advice from medical staff and my gp. Appt with cardiologist not until February as awaiting an MRI then he will decide what happens next with regards to all my heart issues. So ae or not mmmmm x

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If any form of chest pains or bad breathing then definitely A&E. Also if have numbness or high or low BP for you. Also if HB is high. If in doubt A&E.


Thanks Peter. No chest pain just the shortness of breath which i get everyday anyway. Just little worse than usual which happens when my af plays up. The palps seem to have calmed a little so hopefully they will settle soon

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Hope you are feeling better but as in last reply, if you have symptoms you are worried about or deteriorate I would go to A and E.


As an aside. I had DCM with AF. The Times that I was in SR after CVs and ablations gave my heart some recovery time and I am now not classified as having DCM but diastolic heart failure. Apparently untreated AF caused the DCM


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