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Wendy - 5th day after ablation + TOE = bad indigestion problems!?

Hi everyone, its day 5 after Ablation for Paroxysmal AF and Atrial Flutter.

Just found out from HR at work that I have been entitled to SSP only so I owe them £2000 in deductions from pay!!!!!! Today is the most depressing day of the year apparently (is for me!)

Was planning on going back to work on Friday but now will have to go back earlier.

My heart has been fine, had a few blips last night on and off but only lasted few seconds. My main concern is terrible indigestion. Which is getting worse not better. I had a Transoesophageal echocardiogram (TOE) under general anaesethic. Was sore for first day and could feel swallowing but got better each day. On 2nd day started to have indigestion but Rennies helped. Then since 3rd day has got worse each day.

Feeling of too much gas and water in stomach wanting to burp but cannot. Pain in diaphram (definitely not heart) Acid reflux constantly after evening meal getting worse as evening goes on. Hiccups but cannot burp.

liquid rising into back of throat for 8 hours - 2am it usually begins to settle.

I saw doctor today - she was surprised said is indigestion! but said could be mild damage to oesophagus and prescribed Omeprazole capsules for a month. Hope this works as I'm feeling really miserable with this new development.

See there is connection to digestion and Vagus nerve. I don't have a gall bladder, I wonder is this has complicated matters. Has any one else had this problem?


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I also do not have a gall bladder. But my 'indigestion' several years ago turned out to be a hiatus hernia. I was given pantoprazole which eradicated the discomfort. Not the condition sadly, as whenever I try to go without the panto. it comes back full force in 3 days. I'm sure yours is to do with your procedure, and the omep. will do the trick. JanR


I was given Omeprazole to take home after procedure. I am not sure if everyone is given it but I certainly needed it as I have very bad reflux and damage to the oesophagus/vagus nerve is a known complication. I am sure the tablets will help but should you develop a fever seek medical help at once.


HI there thanks for your reply. I have just been reading up on oesophagus/vagus nerve damage and it does sound like what I have. My stomach is not digesting food properly and empyting as it should. Eating a meal at 5pm with nothing afterwards still having indigestion feeling full with acid reflux at 2am is not normal indigestion, even after taking Peptac medication from doctors which doesn't seem to make any difference.

Oh dear. Is the nerve damage likely to be permanent, how long was it before you began to feel better. My doctor is treating me for indigestion should she be considering vagus nerve damage and other treatement. No one mentioned this to me in hospital.


My stomach used to hurt regularly and I often felt bloated. Stomaid has reduced these symptoms and has also cured my indigestion. This is a remarkable product for instant relief.


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