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Flecainide and beta-agonists

I am currently on 200mg flec/day to prevent a recurrence of a-fib. I have exercised induced asthma.

I currently use an Ipvent (Ipratropium Bromide) inhaler. I use this rather than a beta agonist (e.g. salbutamol) because beta agonists have been associated with a-fib. Ipvent is weaker but longer lasting than salbutamol.

I find the ipvent is not strong enough now that i am on flecainide. I spoke to a pulmonologist about this and he thought it would be ok to go (back) on to a beta-agonist now that I have the a-fib under control via the flecainide.

I am going to chat to my cardiologist about this, but in the mean time has anyone have related experience?

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I am overwhelmed by the responses ;)

Clearly not many other people on flec have exercised induced asthma. My cardiologist's advice is to drop down to 100mg/day (from 200) which is what I would prefer to do than use a beta-agonist.



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