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AF today

Well after six and a half months had my second AF.

This one was scary.

Ended up having dioxin, to secure sinus. Just as I took it. It righted itself.

Nurses brilliant, caring and calmed me down.

Now have no idea why this happened. No triggers that I know of and was just doing the hoovering.

So confused.

Why did this happen again?

Should I feel more worried because I've had a second one?

Ideas please.!

Oh bisoprolol now at 7.5 for next two weeks.

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No need to worry specifically because you have had a second on. Many on here have had loads more!!!! Sometimes trigger/triggers are not apparent - however it does not need to be what you were doing at the time it kicked in - it could have been something a few hours earlier. Just make some notes.

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Thank you. Support is so needed at times like this.

Reply most welcome.

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Hi Gwyn,

Since my AF diagnosis 3 years ago I've had several AF episodes. Although unpleasant and occasionally scary at the time, they do pass. As has been mentioned on this forum many times, some episodes last minutes, some hours, some days, apparently, some AFers are in permanent AF (my hat off to them!) Also, depending on your age, CHADVascscore etc. anti coagulation is important since stroke risks are higher in AFers than in the non AF population.

All the very best to you,



Hi Gwyn

Welsh, by any chance? :)

If you have it once, the chances are you'll have it again... Sorry about that! Everyone is individual, and there are lots of triggers. I think stress is a big one for me but sometimes you can't figure it out.

Don't feel worried... You'll get used to it as a fact in your life, and hopefully you'll be able to carry on with your normal life around it. That's what I aim for.


Bless you.

Thanks for this support.

I really thought I was doing so very well too.

Hubby has been in and put of hospital since Oct '15 with treatments for bladder cancer.

Maybe it just got to me as we were in and out with cancelled ops last week. Finally having it done weds.

Have to adjust yet again.

Welsh,mm! Yes family born Liverpool. But been here over 40 it.

Again thanks.xx


I was born in Liverpool and have landed in Wales :)

So sorry to hear about your hubby, that's awful. You are doing well, six months between bouts is good. I hope you stay clear of AF for a while, sounds like you need a break.



I'm just as puzzled. I have my second attack yesterday which has disturbed me greatly. I know that others on this site have had hundreds of attavkd. It's v frightening and hard to manage when it happens l. I have an echocardiogram today and I hope more tests to reassure me about my heart. I'm a 65 year old slim active female. I've stopped all alcohol soon will stop all tea. May as well become s nun !

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Sorry to hear you too had a second one.

What I'm concerned about is when DO you go to the hospital?

Two now and both hadvme in.

Rightly so apparently. But once back in rhythm felt totally OK and went home.

How long should you wait?

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Hi Gwyn and welcome to the world of AF .

Several points you raised. It is often said that AF begets AF. This means that what happens to the heart during events makes future events more likely. O K I know that you didn't want to hear that but best to understand about it and reading all you can from AF Association website is paramount as knowledge is power.

When to go to hospital Tricky one.

Well after my first event which was never diagnosed as AF but I now know was (if you see what I mean) I never did. but that is just me. The important thing is to get a proper diagnosis and this does often mean going to hospital for ECG etc. Once you have that and are in a proper treatment plan and I don't mean just your GP, then I never saw the point. Hospitals seldom do much other than observe and then send you home although I know of several people who always swear that just arriving in the car park of their hospital puts them back in NSR.

You should already have had the full spectrum of tests, thyroid, stress test, echocardiogram, ECGs etc and know that your heart is otherwise in fine fettle . You should also have been assessed for stroke risk and if appropriate put on anticoagulation so any event is merely unpleasant and upsetting rather than dangerous.

The big exception of course is if you have any chest pain during an event or pass out or feel dizzy in which case get there asap. Be prepared to be made to feel a nuisance as many A and E doctors are less that sympathetic but be assertive and stand your ground. It is your body!

Last but not least be proactive with your health. Learn about your condition and then you will not be frightened by it. Engage with the doctors who treat you by discussing various options with them. That way you are a partner in your treatment not a customer. Look hard at your lifestyle including alcohol , stress, diet etc.

The good news is that with time you will learn to accept your condition and with luck get the right treatment.

By way of re-assurance, my AF has been on holiday for the last six + years during which time I had a major operation for prostate cancer followed by three years of hormone treatment and an awful lot of radiotherapy with no sign of it so life does go on.




How reasurring are you!☺

I agree with all you say.

I did have x rays, bloods meds.

But it went back to nsr just as I started to take them.

It's such a frightening thing that I just wasn't sure. But I did have chest pain it went as nsr came back.

Funny this isn't it?

Thanks for being there.


Hi, try decaf tea, I cannot tell the difference and on the odd occasion if I run out of normal tea bags I give my husband decaf tea and he never notices!! I too have had two AF episodes 8 months apart, last one in October. I use Bisoprolol as a PIP as can't use it all the time as I have a low heart beat when not in AF. Best wishes

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I'm in Bangor. You anywhere near?


Top notch advice from BobD and others as always on here. Had PAF for six years now and it's never pleasant when you have an episode - the best thing physiologically for me is to know that I have a reasonable treatment plan in place. Even after an ablation last year I've had a few bouts and a cardioversion and have an appointment to discuss a possible second ablation with my GP. Try to carry on with your life as normal whilst taking the best advice you can get on diet , exercise and so on. I stopped going to hospital quite a while ago and just took it easy until NSR returned. I only go now because my EP wants information from an ECG etc.. My last episode was 7 weeks ago and I'm hoping to extend that period. Off to Australia for a family visit in Marchffor 4 weeks - be blowed if AF is going to stop me! It's always good to have something to look forward to whatever your age - yes be mindful of AF but try not to let it dictate your life.

Every good wish.

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Thanks John

I thought I was doing all OK.

But just one of those things.

Just a week of annual leave then I'm back to work I hope.

Sitting and relaxing if not on holiday is not my thing.

Thank you.x


Oops sorry my appointment is with my EP not GP!


Hi gwyn

Dont worry about his gwyn we all have differing frequencies of af attacks

To begin with mine were every 6 months or so but after 3 years they have become more often but dont last as long

One of my earlier attacks just came on as i washing the bedroom floor which i thought very strange . That hasnt given me the excuse that i can no longer do housework!!!

Keep yourchin up whilst i agree it can be worrying these episodes do pass.

Good luck in coping with it


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Yes agree.

Very scary.

Thankfully the nursing staff and hcas are so calming and friendly.

When it went back to nsr they clapped.


Feel OK today.


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No dont feel worried, it seems the path of this condition is that they come and you cant plan or work out where and when. I too when first diagnosed wondered if I would have it again, I did, and at the moment have an attack ever 2 or 3 months with smaller Lasting minutes) in between.


Oh dear!

Thanks for replying.☺

Just had a call from my arrhythmia nurse at the hospital.

See her in a few weeks for check up.

Lovely lady again very calming.

She told me not to worry but to also make notes.

Your all very well up on this.



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