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Post Ablation

Thanks everyone for all your support during my anxiety about the procedure. All went very well. The sedation was no problem - I don't remember a thing! It was Atrial Flutter so was only two hours, but as I was the last in the day I had to stay in overnight. I'm home now and feel fine.

Hope this helps allay the fears of those still waiting. Bob's right - going to the dentist is worse.

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Well done you. Make sure that you rest plenty now.


Of course. Well done. !

Take it easy now



Hi - I had mine inOctober - for a week everything was fine the a week later my right thigh became swollen and a massive bruise appeared.

All normal apparently so do 't be too alarmed if that happens to you - it may not but thought I'd mention it just in case - all the best in your recovery.


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Well, I already have the massive bruise. I'm quite proud of it - a pity that nobody can see it!


A whopper - mine was like a massive aubergine - my thigh hurt too - all the best in your recovery 😀


Thanks. I'm feeling good. Hope you are too.


I had my ablation 30th December and 3rd January BP and HR dropped, making me feel quite weak. This was followed a few hours later waking up at 2.35am back to square one. As this was expected I didn't get too worried and got back to sleep soon after with just a few thoughts.

The PVC's that troubled me so much have practically stopped, which is a good thing.

Take care.


I had mine in October. Don't be worried if it seems a long time before you stop feeling tired,,listen to your body and take it easy.good luck


Well done and hope that all continues to go well. I had mine on 16 July and may now need another one but this time the EP says if so it will be under a general to tidy up loose ends.

We're all different so no reason to suppose why yours can't be a great success.

Best wishes.


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