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Bleed Risk?

Hi all

Yesterday my consultant booked me in for a cardioversion and prescribed an anti coagulant to take for the next four weeks.

It wasn't until I got home that haemorrhoids popped into my head (wrong end of the body I know)

I suffer from piles and they do occasionally bleed. Probably a couple of times a month.

Is this going to be a problem with the anti coagulant and an I at risk of an uncontrollable bleed?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Don't know but I had quite bad piles (not on my head though :-) ) when I was on Warfarin. Went to the doctor who wasn't bothered, and I had no problem. They went after a while, a diet, and some pile medication.



May be a problem if you don't treat them gently but uncontrollable bleed no, based only on my experience!.


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