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I have been following this site for the past number of months, and must say that I am amazed at the knowledge of those who contribute. I had my 1st episode of AF in 2007,

and was put on Amiodarone, after 2 months I had a successful external CV and remained in NSR for 6 years. Then in 2013 my AF returned and this time I was put on Dronedarone for approx 6 weeks and again had a successful CV, and I remained in NSR until June 2015. I have had 2 failed external Cvs in the past 3 months after being on Amiodarone for about 6 weeks prior to my CV, the only thing I have been doing differently this time is I have been taking magnesium chloride supplements and I am beginning to wonder did the magnesium interact in any way with Amiodarone,for my 2 CVs to fail. I am due to go for an INTERNAL CV in 5 weeks and I am thinking of stopping the magnesium between now and my next CV.

I have been asked by cardiologist to keep taking Amiodarone although I am a bit reluctant to keep taking it as I read on this site that 4 weeks of Amiodarone loading should be enough, and if CV fails there is no point in continuing to take it

Does anyone think the magnesium is affecting the Amiodarone although I am reluctant to stop taking magnesium as it has a tremendous affect in reducing my blood pressure and keeping it at an acceptable level. My heart beat is approx 60 BPM and it says on the leaflet that Amiodarone shouldn't be taken if you have a slow H/Beat

I consider myself to be fit and active at 65 and the only symptom I have is breathlessness

I would be interested in having your thoughts on Magnesium & Amiodarone taken together?


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Before my last cv I was given a magnesium drip I cannot take amiodorone as I have LQTS


This is probably not relevant to your situation, but I think it's worth me letting you know about it anyway.

In August I started taking a magnesium supplement and I soon began to notice that I was having a lot more ectopic beats than I normally do as well as occasional double and triple beats which I'd not been having before. I also had two episodes of AF during the three weeks or so I was taking the additional magnesium which I did not connect to it because that wasn't too unusual for me, so the decision I made to stop taking the supplement was not down to this, but the way my heart had been acting differently while I had been taking it.

Within a week or so of me stopping, my heart had returned to normal - I always get ectopic beats and still do, but nowhere near as frequently as I was doing and the double and triple beats have disappeared completely.

I decided I'd mention this to the nurse who did my last INR and began by giving her details of my typical diet, the other daily supplements I take and the new magnesium tablets I'd taken and before I could get around to asking her the question I wanted to, she said "that sounds like you're taking too much magnesium on board to me".

I'm absolutely convinced now that I was overdoing the magnesium for a while and, who knows, perhaps it was a factor in the AF episodes I had while I was doing this.

So, I would just say that it is worth at least considering whether you maybe having too much magnesium - I didn't think that was possible until recently, but my recent experience suggests that you can.


There are a great number of magnesium zealots on this forum so you will probably get quite a few people telling you how important it is. Yes a good mineral balance is always important and all I would say about OD on magnesium is that if you had then you would likely be running (literally ) to the loo with loose bowels all the time.

I doubt that the magnesium caused your DCCVs to fail but since it is probably not a vital part of your treatment nor prescribed by your medical team then I think the solution is obvious. That way YOU know, or do you?

AF is almost always a progressive condition and as we know, DCCV is not a cure although it does point the way if successful to other treatments such as ablation.

All that said, for none of the DCCVs I have had was I ever on amiodarone and they all worked first bang.

AF is such a mongrel condition and we all suffer differently so anything is possible.


Hi Bob,

I have always read your posts with great interests.

I have HCM with the associated A Fib and I have an ICD fitted. My ICD reported that I had 8 events of A Fib in October but only one required me to go to hospital and get cardioverted.

My Cardiologist is reluctant to go down the ablation route but instead is suggesting amiodarone and Biprop (one toxic drug and one very toxic drug).

Is ablation only for those without HCM?

(Scuse Spelling)


I can't comment on your suitability or otherwise for ablation but wonder if you are being treated by an electrophysiologist or just an ordinary cardiologist. Amiodarone does seem to be extreme and I guess you meant bisoprolol for the other one which is a beta blocker . What other drugs have you been tried on?


Hi Bob,

Only Bisoprolol (currently 10mg) and anti coagulants. Apparently because of my HCM I can only have Bisoprolol and now they are talking about Amiodarone.

I have read your comments on ablation and cant understand why it isn't an option.


Many Thanks


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