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Hope for a good 2016

Hi its lunch time and am listening to journalists predicting h0w world affairs for 2016 and a little worried about the outcomes of my tests and how many there will be .

Well seems a depressing start but on the brightside when have political experts ever been spot on .

I take hope that natures is kinder to us in my neck of the woods and that i don't suffer as badly with AF as many of you seem to

I take hope in , as worrying as it was my AF episode was, it has shown up other problems that can at least it seems be sorted.

So I aim to look be optimistic and wish everyone all the best for the New year and we can all beat the AF

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I am eternally grateful that, having been afflicted with A.F., it was discovered and treated before i had a stroke. Having had 3 T.I.A.s, I believe a stroke was definitely on its way to me. When looking for positive s , this one always comes to mind. Also, it forced me to look at other areas of my life that were less than desirable and to put them right. My friends say i am " the healthiest unhealthy( A.F.) person they know and i hope they are right ! Funny old life isnt it? X


Yes we can all make our lives better for having had AF IF we take the positives. I remember Michael Cain saying once that his father always told him to "use your difficulties". AF can be a small problem or a big one entirely up to how each individual deals with it.


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