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Associated symptoms of PVCs

Does anyone with these suffer from nausea, lightheadedness and frequent bouts of pins and needles in hands and feet? Looks as though I have PVCs from my last Alivecor reading . Saw doc last week who thought some of these symptom is the excessive wax in my ears. Waiting for results of Holtor monitor taken at beginning December but am

Tempted to pay Alivecor for a reading and take it along because I don't feel well.


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I personally don't think it is worth paying Alivecor for an assessment but it is a good idea to print out any odd looking traces to take with you. The Alivecor only records basic rhythm but a proper ECG will show up much more.


As I understand it AliveCor taken fingers to fingers is a one lead ECG. A two lead ECG can be obtained fingers to knee.

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