I am doing really well post ablation just over 2 weeks ago and going back to work tomorrow. However has anyone else had a intermittent dry cough and tight chest since? I originally put it down to the anaesthesia tube and the trans oesophageal echo during the procedure but it isn't really settling. Wondered if it was another side effect. Can go a day without and then a day where it's a pain in the butt and catches me mid sentence. It is diferent to a virus cough and definitely not a chest infection

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  • I also had this happen after my ablation. It lasted for several weeks and eventually went away. I had my ablation 5 yrs ago and have been afib free since then.

    If it gets worse though You should probably be checked out. Good luck and take care.

  • Yes, I have a tight chest, cough and very painful neck as if my larynx is bruised. I know the cough etc is common, used my inhaler extra. I suspect my neck pain is something to do with my neck being out of line due to scoliosis and back op. Going to check with GP tomorrow as I'm a bit fed up, was improving now going backwards. At least my heart is normal according to Alivecor!

  • Yes, I had a really bad cough post-ablation. I did not have a TOE but I did have a general anaesthetic. I did not feel my heart for the first 6 weeks and thought that several weeks of coughing was a considerable test.

    I now have occasional mild AF controlled by flecainide as a pip. I had 3 episodes in October, 15 months post-ablation, but have had nothing since.

  • Thanks for replies.

    I did lose my voice for a day the first day much to husband delight.

  • Yes sounds familiar. What I think can happen is that the "burns" upset the pulmonary veins which in turn can set off a slight reaction in the lungs. I'm putting two and two together here from personal experience not any medical knowledge mind you. The technical term I think is pulmonary stenosis. Take it easy at work for a while. You are a long time dead as they say and the firm will be there with or without you.

    Stay well


  • It's a doctor surgery ha ha think they can cater for me.

    Although now getting a migraine vision so hopefully won't get that tomorrow or I will be capable of nothing at work...first one since 10 days ago!!

  • Dr.put me on omeprazole for a month after ablation. Procedure is so close to esophagus, needs to be coated.

  • I had that coughing problem post ablation too. It gradually disappeared and is now completely gone ten weeks post-ablation, so hopefully the same will happen for you.

  • Yes, I too have had a slight 'coming and going' cough since my ablation on November 9th. Just cant shift it totally. Tho have also had two colds, flu, infected tooth root and food poisoning in that time too! Think the anaesthetic really knocked out my immune system! Glad you are doing well apart from the cough. :-)

  • You have been through the mill!!!!

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