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Video Assisted Thoracotomy and Maze Procedure - 5 Weeks On

Firstly thanks to everyone who wished me well for this procedure. And, seasons greetings.

Now in my 5th week after the ablation and feeling quite well. Wounds healed well. I have had a couple of episodes of 'short beats' for a few hours at a time but this has not occurred for about 10 days now.

My cardiologists says that these are atrial bigeminy and not too much to worry about. He is not sure if they will disappear but assures me that they are unlikely to spark AF.

On the 'cautiously optimistic' side, I will remain on amiodorone for another 2 months. So, I won't be sure about the overall impact of the maze procedure for another few weeks.

Keeping my fingers crossed but not getting too excited as I have been disappointed in the past when AF returned following catheter ablations when amiodorone has been removed.

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Glad to hear that you are doing well. Long may it continue. Please keep reporting in on how you progress.



glad to hear you are doing well. I get atrial bigeminy from higher doses of Flecanaide , it does kind of make you think you are going into AF , but, thankfully it never has. Hope all goes well now.


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