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Wolfe Mini-Maze Surgical Procedure

Wondering if anyone on the site has had this procedure done and, if so, what sort of success they've had?

I have had three ablations for paroxysmal a-fib and, while I'm a heck of a lot better than pre ablations, it seems the ectopic beats and occasional episodes of a-fib are reoccurring. I have Lone a-fib (the ticker is fine structurally) and, at 56 work out nearly every day. I've read where good results are being obtained using the mini maze surgical procedures for lone a-fib sufferers who have 'normal' hearts.

Love to hear of any feed back....thanks, Larry

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Hi Larry

Firstly every one has ectopics whether they get AF or not, it is just that we afers seem to be more aware of what our hearts are doing. I believe about 200 a day is about the norm., So although they can be disturbing ectopics are really ok.

As to the Wolfe Mini-Maze procedure I have only ever met one person that has had it and she was thrilled by her results. Having said that, the moderators will know more than I do, but I don't think there are many people in UK that seem to do this procedure so you will need to check that out carefully.

Do remember that surgery is permament and therfore cannot be reversed even if you don't like the results

Good luck with your decisions

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Thanks 'Mum' (haha). Since this post I've had another ablation and six months on all is well. Fingers crossed that I don't need to go that extra step. Cheers!!


Hello Larry. Most mini maze procedures are not much more than ablations in their effectiveness of CURING atrial fibrillation. If you are really wanting to be cured, the gold standard in AF cures is still the full Maze procedure done by a very experienced surgeon, that applies the complete set of lesions that makes fibrillating impulses in the heart to be almost impossible.

I was cured by the full maze April 10 1998 and am still cured 15 plus years later. In most procedures it is on pump, but most do not open the sternum anymore.

It something that all considering a cure should check out completely by asking the surgeons that do this procedure, and people who have been there and done that.

There is much information available, but you have to spend the time to research it.

Best wishes and prayers. jackdrum

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Thanks jackdrum, since this post I've had another ablation and six months on all is well. Yes, I agree with you, all my layman's readings/research comes to the conclusion that the 'old gold' full maze procedure is the one that provides the best long term outcomes. Fingers crossed that I don't need to go that extra step but, as you say, by this method the surgeon can perform the complete set of lesions necessary to eliminate the impulses.

Thanks again for your informed response Jack, all the best.


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