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BAB three

I have come home with a very detailed report of what was done during the procedure. I found it intensely interesting of course as all I had been told was that it was 'successful'. So had no idea I had two DCCVs for example.

I wondered if any of you would be interested in reading the more descriptive parts. If so I will attempt to copy and post? Feel free to say no though it is not at all scary unless abbreviations upset you!

Not such great news is that a copy of an ECG was included which suggested that I had had a damaging heart attack at some time. It would explain some things and I do prefer an explanation to an indulgent smile.....

Feet up in bed, getting the zigzag light effects so giving telly a miss for now 💜 (as on souvenir mug)

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Would love to see - mind you as you will have guessed I am a glutton for information and have very good recall. Two attributes highlighted by a clients Project Director who I worked for when in secondment.

Keep your chin up.


Hi Buffy . . . . Jim from Taunton here . . . . . I'm still waiting for Stewart Walker from MPH to decide my next step . . . . I'm still in AF since Sunday week & would love to hear what your opinion of an ablation is like . . . . I have a feeling I'll end up having to have one. Jimbo.


Being at home is really good medicine, isn't it?

Thank you for the offer of more details - I would also be interested when you feel up to it.

Hope you have a restful night.


Definitely interested. X


Would be very interested to read details of your procedure !

Re your ECG reading...I had similar indicated on one of mine and apparently the effects of the burns during the ablation cause this to show up ( something like this anyhow !)


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Hi - I would like to see this report too.

Take it easy recovering - some fab food programmes on TV & Christmas films - enjoy the rest.


Would love to see so I can compare with mine. Must say I just didn't understand what mine was saying, I can be a bit dumb blonde sometimes! Hope you continue to improve, rest up even if you are feeling good it does pay off. Best wishes



Sounds like things aren't going to do bad for you. Not knowing anything is as almost as bad a getting to much of the wrong information and not knowing at all is bad, I have to find out things. I find the experiacne of others is a big help so be intrigued ot know the finer points . Abbreviations I can cope with just., The modern trendy cliches that send me nuts, worse if is with an indulgant smile. Ah well in this day and age you cant beat thinking out of the box.


I'm in the group that would like to see the details. This is of immense/intense interest to me.


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