In April 2014 ,after taking a Levothyroxine tablet... I was urgently taken to Resus with a ecg of 289bpm. I was kept on this medication for 5 weeks-much to my protest: I was diagnosed as Known Sick Sinus Syndrome, Sinus Pauses, Brady/Tachycardia, Chronotropic Incompetence. In July 2014 ,I was admitted to Hospital for a DDDR. My Consultant wanted further investigation and tests for near syncope. The DDDR was deferred. I had a Loop recorder impanted in December 2014. I have been back to hospitals 17 times for urgent treatment relating to SSS. I have finally had a DDDR implanted to stop my Bradycardia (recorded at 30 bpm) compromising my Beta Blocker medication. This was implanted beginning of December 15. Until now, I could only manage 1.25mg Bisoprolol to ease PSVT, Fast A/F episodes. Any increase made my Bradycardia worse. I had forgotten what a regular heartbeat was? So many Sinus Pauses, ectopics, Bigeminy, Trigeminy for long periods-Fluttering etc; etc; I was trained and had knowledge of all this.... But it is so frightening for my Wife and family. These bad episodes happen at any time. I will say stress has a great part to play in this syndrome...from my experience, physical activity and stress prevents occurrences. All my bad episodes were related to complete relaxation and from sleep? I now have a steady HR of 60 bpm (wonderful)... I am still having usual chest flutters, discomfort. My breathing is much more laboured. My heart is still taking off very fast regularly-up to 140bpm average (at rest) but, the medication (or other) can now be targeted to hopefully control this.

The one main problem throughout this -was Retro-sternal discomfort... this was not a pain or a ache- this was a pressure ? Because of this ,it was prudent to follow up to eliminate heat MI etc

I was able to give my medical personnel a accurate description of all the malfunctions before they were recorded on the monitors and telemetry... I could feel and recognise them all. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing..... but it can be reassuring also.

Never panic..... the heart is designed to take care of itself... help is only a telephone call away.

I usually wait 30 minutes for bad episodes to correct themselves.... if not 999.

I am pleased to live in a time when Hospital and Paramedic staff give 5 star treatment.

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  • I think the 5 star treatment can depend on where you live.......

  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence set the National standard for treatment of SSS. There are long delays in diagnosing to treatment. I had to wait for 21 months. I found the Paperwork between departments sadly lacking. The treatment, when finally more urgent ,was 5 star. Without pacemaker intervention techniques, the prognosis was very poor?

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