Tooth extraction on Apixaban

Hello to you all! I've to have a tooth taken out on Tuesday and was wondering if any of you had gone through this whilst on a Noac. My dentist advised not taking my morning tablet but then called me to say the latest guidelines said to take it as normal. I am already anxious about the actual extraction but now am concerned about excessive bleeding. As many of you know I dread any kind of procedure. Can I ask what experience any of you have had? Much appreciated and thank you. Patricia.

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  • Patricia. Nothing to worry about. I was also told no need stop Anticoagulation. It's not like that it won't stop it will just take a little longer. I was told that the extra amount of blood lost would be less than a thimble full which is less than they take for a blood test!!!!

  • Hello Patricia

    I take Apixaban and had a large tooth taken out a year ago without any problems at all, except for my own worries beforehand. I didn't stop Apixaban and my dentist checked for excessive bleeding for 15 min after extraction. He then packed the socket with a dissolving gauze and put in two stitches to hold it. For the first 12 hours I had normal seeping as I've always had when I had a tooth out, but it really was nothing to worry about.

    I also get adrenaline free injections to avoid my heart racing, and even though adrenaline helps to reduce bleeding, that didn't cause problems either.

    All the best with your visit.

  • Great point re adrenaline free injections - without them I am in AFIB straight off - didnt realise they were available at first.

  • Hi had to have two teeth out(different times) this year , don't worry no problem. Carried on with tablets , dentist put in small packing and stitches. Didn't feel a thing. Over in no time , think positive it will be fine.

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