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How do I know?

Well wishes to all. I'm in a constant battle with my mind as if something bad were to happen to me anywho I don't have health insurance until January 1st I won't be able to see an EP again for now I'm still on flee sinuses and metropolol daily but how do I know if it's affecting me in a positive way is there anything I can do at home to check? or should I feel that everything is fine if I haven't gotten an af attack?

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Be thankful you aren't having an AF event and go with the flow. Too many people,let AF get into their heads. Get on with your life as much as you can and only worry about teh condition when or if it lays you low for a day or so.


Sit down a moment. Pay attention.

Have you died yet?

Are you breathing?

Are you still breathing?

Still breathing?

Now go about your business.

You can start worrying an hour after you stop breathing. Meanwhile, get on with your life.


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