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Hi I could use an opinion, OK 65, 18 stone and AFIB, taking Pradaxa and a recent failure on Cardioversion. the temptation to try Flight of the Gibbon zip line in Chiang Mai Thailand is very high for me it looks amazing!

We all know that a man's brain is known to move at times and common sense flees us for other thrills. What do you think try it or not?

For sure I am borderline on the weight limit, but as far as I can calculate I am 6kg under limit.

With thanks


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  • If you are that insane then why worry about a little thing like AF. Live your life the way you want to not the way AF tries to make you. Personally I would need incontinence pants but then maybe you don't like going sideways in a drift car. Each to his own.


  • Thanks Bob -- gave me a good laugh this evening. I needed it!


  • That first sentence may be my favorite thing you've ever said. :-)

  • I have booked a level four rapids three hour rafting trip for the Ist Jan really want my opinion?

    Be well


  • Magic, the spirit of adventure is alive and well!

  • I guess that falls under the category of living your life in spite of the AF. That said, you couldn't pay me enough to do that. Enjoy!

  • Go for it

  • You never regret the things you've done but you will regret not doing the things you could have done, go for it, I'd love to be there

  • Yes, do it! I certainly would if I had the chance! Once I am totally fit from my ablations, and can sort my knees out, I intend to seek out every adventure I can (finances permitting sadly🤑)

  • I'm going to visit my brother in Sydney next year and have decided to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge! Why not - it's there! Have decided this morning that I can't be beaten or ruled by illnesses!

  • Thank you all for your input. Reading the replies I can see many people who are not willing to be ruled by the condition but kick back and say what the hell . I am sure inspiring to all that have read this, and I was afraid I was wasting people's time by such an enquiry. Be proud of yourselves. Once again thank you all, I shall go flying on a wire, why not!!

  • Just to follow up, took to the trees and loved it, bit puffed and thumping walking through Chiang Mai jungle. The zip wire exhilarating especially the 800 mtre one,but think fear kept mind of my heart. Magic.

    Thanks again for the support, you guys are so right live life in spite of, let insanity prevail!!!

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