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Second opinion, re test?

Hi I was diagnosed nearly six years ago with P.A.F. after several tests and an ecg which shows T.wave infursion all ways. i have now moved to a different district so new hospital,New cardio has looked at notes asked how i am so i explained still not right so on so on so was taken off all meds to see how i am, have had a few attacks of breathlessness fast heart rate 139, palpitations and today really bad dizzy spells which took around twenty minutes to subside, i would like Cardioligist to repeat test that was done six years ago, as They would for a new patient as i am convinced something else is going on, do you think they would do new tests or fob me off??? apparently ECG is just normal for me so nothing to worry about.

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Sorry I know nothing about T.wave infusion. I once paid to have a private echo-cardiogram to check that my heart was working properly, that might allay your fears. It was quite a few years ago and I think cost about £200.


Not sure if this helps?


I meant inversion


Hi kazzyr. I am confused, T wave inversions would show up on an ECG, yet you say the ECG trace at the new hospital was normal. How was the original test different?

I would agree with the philosophy that if you go to a new consultant they should do their own tests, especially if there had been anomalies in the medical history which they should have read thoroughly. Also for what reason did they take you off the meds?

PAF will give you the symptoms that you describe, do you know if you were in an episode when you experienced them?

It sounds as though you have a lot of questions which have not been answered. If you are concerned about your immediate health maybe a trip to A&E when you next experience symptoms would enable them to capture on an ECG what is going on.

Best wishes


I would agree with CDreamer a trip to a/e when you are having symptoms. It is also possible that yourvecg has changed. I was admitted years ago because I had inverted waves along with chest pain. It was later explained to me that it is something women get and he would be far more worried if I had been male. It has not appeared again so

I don't worry. But do get those symptoms checked out, there is obviously something making you feel unwell



Sorry for confusion ecg has not changed they have just said it is normal for me? Every time I go to A&E they think I'm having a heart attack till they see on my notes that it is normal fir me. Not sure y so xonfused. I am seeing my cardiologist on the 20th so will ask for all tests to be repeated.


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