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Much better day x

Thank you so much all of you for your lovely replies as usual! I feel fine today, a bit tired and fed up but going to have to deal with this the best I can as I will need to be as strong as I can for my partner,

So I have spoken to my Doctor and she reassured me that it won't kill me – again!!. She said she can not prescribe ‘pill in the pocket’ only my cardiologist can so hopefully Dr Fay will do something for me. GOOD NEWS my appointment came through today for 12th of January – I am going to take your advice Peter and ask about an earlier appointment, but I am just so grateful that I have one. Oh and my Doctor gave me a guideline to not let my BP drop below 90/70 for an hour or more and just to take double bisoprlol (2.5mg)if it starts and hopefully may stop it and A&E after 24hrs only if heart rate is over 100bpm continuously. Also I can ring first and anytime as long as the surgery is open, these are just guidelines for Christmas and weekends. I am going to see her on Wednesday so will have a good chat then. I am so lucky to have my Doctors who genuinely care.

Right I am sooo shattered after my latest drama so I am going to have a bath and watch some rubbish on the TV. I have lit my candles and all my 3 moggies are on the bed because they love me SOOO much ( I wish) …No it’s because I have the electric blanket on really!!

Best wishes to all and thank you xxxxxxxx

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Sounds like our house. Cold night? put another cat on the bed.


Eskimos are reputed to describe how cold a night is by how many dogs they cuddle up to at night.....hence the name of the 60s group "Three Dog Night"!


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