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Much better place for AF

thank you for passing on this link to trial the new Af blog. A site I know well as I also belong to the copd blog site on health unlocked.

I was diagnosed with permanent AF last year. A condition that I am sure started as a result of being low on oxygen saturation in my bloodstream for a long period before I started using oxygen for getting about. I chose to go the managed route as I am one of the lucky ones that have no symptoms. Indeed I only knew I had it as I use a pulse oxygen oximeter and that showed the bouncing around my heart was doing. At the moment I take warfarin and have a stable INR of 2.3. Also another drug to keep my heart beat below 100. It seems to be doing well as mostly it is in the 80's, sometimes in the 60's. My fingers, and toes are crossed that all remains well. I think we have to balance the risks and do our own assessment in many things in life. What I have chosen may not be suitable for someone else. but we are all individuals:-)

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Hi Thank you ,this made interesting reading as it is all very new to me .


I agree, this looks like a better site for discussions.


Much easier to follow conversations now, hope this is the way ahead. Hope less complicated for the moderators also?

Do hope all goes fine for you derrylynne - still very new with the forum and in fact AF having only just been diagnosed. So forgive me if I can't make any sensible comments to your AF and just hope that all goes fine for you.



We're glad to see all the positive feedback about this forum!


Hi there derrylynne and welcome to the forum - good to find another symptomless 'permie' on this site. Reading through all the other posts we can count ourselves very lucky it seems.


Yes like you Elmbury I am amazed at how bad the symptoms are with many others and that I like you are symptomless. I count myself lucky. I could have gone through my life without ever knowing I have AF if I had not noticed my irregular pulse and seen the doctor, with a followup ecg for diognosis. I just hope this always remains the case although i do seem to be doing ok at the moment:-)


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