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What to ask my EP

Hi, I had abalation Oct 19th and conversion 10 days later. EP said during abalation he was only able to treat the AF and left the flutter because he couldn't burn the heart for more than 63 minutes. Since then I send in a heart monitor weekly or if I feel like I should. Several times it showed I was in flutter and sometimes not. I am on amioadrone, Metropol and Eliquis. I see my EP this Wednesday for a 6 week check up. What are some questions I should ask him. I like to be informed and ready with answers if given options. As you can tell, I am a planner😀

Thanks for any input.

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I find that an impossible question to answer for you, what questions do YOU have? Write them down so you don't forget to ask them.

Sounds as though you have concerns about the flutter and if so maybe ask about what can be done about that?


What I don't understand I where the 63 mins come from? So precise. Most ablation take between 2 and 8 hours so what do they do for the rest of th time?

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Hi, I wondered that too. I was in the room totally asleep for 4 hours. Maybe my husband misunderstood my EP who talked to him. I do know I went in for afib and the EP said he found a flutter and tacardia and there wasn't enough time to fix the flutter. I guess that is one question I need to ask and what is the treatment option for that. I have had several episodes of flutter since then. I'll know more tomorrow.

Thanks for your replies.


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