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Appt to see EP? What next.


Hello,after my recent appointment with my Cardiologist she is going to refer me to an EP, I am within traveling distance of Nottingham and Leicester, but don't really mind where I go as long as I see someone that I have confidence in. I am very new to all of this and would welcome any input on anyone's experience with nice competent patient EPs as I am an extremely nervous. And of course any comments on anyone's personel experiences would be more than welcome if possible please. Many thanks.

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I have heard excellent feedback from patients using Glenfield hospitals EPs in Leicester. It's meant to be a first class centre, it would be my choice of the two you mention.

Uniform96 in reply to meadfoot

Thank you so much, I don't know what I would have done without this forum .

meadfoot in reply to Uniform96

It's saved the sanity of many of us over time dealing with this rogue condition. Be well. Good luck with your EP choice.

sann in reply to Uniform96

Yes I had both my stent and pacemaker done at Glenfields, truly is a wonderful hospital , and the staff are excellent

Wait to hear from Mike who posted on here a few weeks ago re. a superb EP in Leicester who did his ablation.If he does not come back in a day I will hunt through my e mails to try and find his rec.

Many, many thanks that would be much appreciated, I would travel if required, just need to have some confidence in the next step.

I found it Uniform!! Mikee69 rec. Dr Sandilands at Glenfields in leicester.He gave extremely high praise for him.perhaps contact Mikee?

I will do ,wonderful , I'm so grateful for you taking the trouble.

Hidden in reply to Uniform96

Hahahaha, yes Sandilands is a real gent, so glad he rescued me.

But Dr Stafford is also great, message me if you want any more details, or happy to have a chat if it helps

Uniform96 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Mikee, I will take you up on the offer, when I have more details if that's okay? Glenfields sounds the way to go.

Hidden in reply to Uniform96

More than happy to help

Here’s a recent interesting newspaper article:

I live in North Buckinghamshire and have an appointment to see one of the London-based EPs listed in the article.

Uniform96 in reply to IanMK

Very interesting, I have heard of one professor mentioned on here a few times ,but I guess his waiting list must be huge,especially now with the publicity! Many thanks for your help.

IanMK in reply to Uniform96

Unfortunately, I found progress on the NHS to be too slow - particularly since I am on sick leave (the stress of commuting and work was affecting me considerably). For example, my follow-up appointment with the cardiologist was scheduled for over 2 months after my cardiac MRI. I am fortunate in that I had the option of going private so I decided to do that after my MRI. The queues - for consultations at least - have since been very short.

fnurd in reply to IanMK

An extremely helpful guide - thanks. There are are similar guides for other specialists in the Mail for the same week which I will copy for future reference. (In fact I was ablated by Richard Schilling after earlier recommendations on this forum).

2 years ago I also used a similar (but quite old now) guide in the Telegraph for Hip replacement surgeons. Prince Phillip must have done the same, because he chose the same surgeon (known in the hospital as Sarah MA).

I have had 2 ablations at Glenfield with Professor Ng, personally I found it to be a very good hospital and a brilliant team! Good luck 😊

Uniform96 in reply to Dianemary

Many thanks for your reply,everyone is so helpful.

Hello, I have had 3 ablations at Glenfield under the care of Dr Stafford and I cannot give him high enough praise . I have found him to be an excellent EP. He listened to my concerns and I received excellent care . I have now been discharged but would not hesitate in going back to Glenfield if I need any further procedures .

Uniform96 in reply to Sulily49

Hello,thank you so much for your reply,it's really helpful to hear of others experiences.

Uniform96 in reply to Sulily49

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, the feedback re Glenfield. Is all very reassuring.

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