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Dont normally take anything extra for my afib besides my ramapril, bisoparol and warfarin,

But been taking hawthorn berry tablets for 3 weeks now, sure my Heart is a bit more steady now, still in afib but feel bit better, any one else tried hawthorn and do you notice any different,

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Yes, I'm taking Hawthorn Berry and have been doing so for around 5 weeks or so. I also take Magnesium and Taurine suppliments. I take warfarin but no medication for my AF. Over the last couple of weeks I have experienced a marked improvement, particularly in my ability to exercise.

I did have a fairly long bout of AF last weekend but suspect that probably had something to do with an evening meal out with friends and alcohol consumption.

Over the last couple of weeks I have done 7 spinning sessions, increasing my efforts during each session without triggering my PAF. My effort level yesterday was almost back to pre-PAF levels and today I was able to walk up my local hills without triggering my AF for the first time in quite some time.

I certainly believe that the suppliments that I take, particularly the Hawthorn, are working for me.

Please do check on the use of Hawthorn Berry with your other AF medication though. My own research suggests that it is fine with warfarin but I don't know about possible reaction with beta-blockers etc.

fallingtopieces in reply to Hidden

I take hawthorn and have done for over 3 years now. I take several other supplements too, including the magnesium and taurine mentioned.

I'm convinced they help me collectively.


Can I ask which hawthorn you take there are so many out there

Hidden in reply to davythom

I take Swanson Hawthorn Berries Herbal Suppliment.

Living in deepest Cidershire makes my availability options somewhat limited and so I tend to use the dreaded Amazon.

The berry extract seems to be the recommended form of Suppliment.

davythom in reply to Hidden

Thank you

higgy52 in reply to davythom

Yes, Lifeplan Botanicals 500 mg, one a day

davythom in reply to higgy52

Great thanks

Mine are Swanson too


Thanks Pat


The bigger concern for you is that Ramipril is an ACE inhibitor and ACE inhibitors can have irregular, rapid heartbeat as a side effect. Not the best choice for A.Fibbers.


Interesting Higgy, I agree you can feel 'more steady now' with supplements, which is a genuine positive sign. I have not tried Hawthorn but have noticed it is taken more in Germany and ran it past my Medical herbalist who has had 10 years in East Germany (before the wall came down) - she didn't mention any issues.

I take Mg Muscleze incl Taurine & more plus other supplements and which made me feel 'more steady' but if AF worsens I will consider Hawthorn. On the cautious side, I am conscious Supplements are just another form of drugs (or should that be the other way around!) and, assuming a good diet, the dose should be limited.

Hope your improvement continues

Don't think you should be taking them with bisoprolol

Hi Guys,

Can I come in here. I was thinking about obtaining some Hawthorn myself on reading your posts. I get my Co-Enzyme Q10 from a company called Lamberts Healthcare.

Just wanted to let you know that Lamberts not longer sell Hawthorn because of recent legislation. Apparently Traditional Herbal Medicines must be self-limiting and does not require a consumer to see a GP.

Because Hawthorn is linked to the heart, blood pressure, both conditions require advice from the doctor and are not considered as self-limiting.

Therefore there is no suitable indicator for Hawthorn as a registration for a traditional herbal medicine and Lamberts are no longer able to sell this product.

I assume this will happen to your own suppliers of this product in time?

Best Wishes


higgy52 in reply to Barry24

Thanks Barry, very interesting.

Hi Higgy52,

Yes, I agree it is very interesting, we will have to see what happens with other suppliers,

meanwhile I will get some Magnesium to go with my Co-Enzyme Q10.

Best Wishes


Don't think Hawthorn berries have any proven benefit. It is all anecdotal. I am not saying you will or will not feel benefit. If it does have some benefit it means it contains an active ingredient not unlike a prescribed drug. Probably not advisable with beta blockers and your INR will need careful monitoring as well. Maybe OK but maybe not. Bit too risky for me

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