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Post Ablation sSymtoms in Perspective

I know many of you are hovering around ablations, either before or after. I have seen many posts about post ablation symptoms...AF, palpitations, etc.. Well me too! Even on Flecainide, 5 weeks out , I can feel my heart really wanting to twitch. But here's the deal...EPs worry about phrenic nerve damage and esophageal injury because they burn or freeze all the way through your heart and into surrounding tissue! Is it any wonder it takes some time to heal??!! Ever had a bad burn? How long did it take to fully recover from that? So I am partly writing this to reassure myself as well as others. I am somewhat fortunate in that I had left arm symptoms and mild chest pain after ablation, and still do to some extent even 5 weeks out. But many don't feel much at all so forget how really insulted ours hearts are during ablations. Three months. Don't expect much before that.

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Good to see somebody else saying this. It really does take AT LEAST three months for things to settle down and in my case not till after eight was I really back to normal. OK I still am not normal but let's not dwell on that.


You are so smart to remember how much your heart has just been through. Tincture of time is so important for the healing. Five weeks is early. Be kind to yourself as you heal.


Yes but they're not all the same. I had very bad 24/7 AF, I was ablated and after an initial week of feeling tight in the chest and a bit funny that was it, I was just back to normal. I was driving a tractor (on my land, so legal, I hope!) within days, just being careful getting in and out etc.



Thanks for the timely reminder about healing. I am three weeks post ablation. Before, after a shower I had to rest before I could brush my teeth and dress. Now, I can walk long distances without breathlessness, but resting pulse would be 110 -120 for the rest of the day. I realise I need to use my common sense for a change! Smaller bites at a time I think.


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