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Now classified as in permanent AF, blood pressure sitting nicely, 120/72, pulse remaining now under 90, probably averaging 85, with 250mg Digoxin, 12.5mg Bisoprolol, and 300mg Dagibatran, per day. However, today, probably on three occasions now, a very fast vibration coming through my lower breast bone, just at the heart, with associated heavy breathlessness, and light headedness. Only lasts for about 30 seconds, and last night had the familiar large thumps off the inner chest. Have not had these for a while either. Anyone else had similar, or know what the fast vibration is? Almost like a high speed dentist drill. Quite strange..

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  • Hi, as no one else has answered I would say a run of very fast heartbeats but I have no idea what kind and I suggest reporting to somebody qualified to check in some way unless you own an Alivecor.

  • Thank you Buffafly. Yes I had noticed I was Billy No Mates on this one. It is a bit strange, and obviously, everyone else thinks so too. Issue is, I was to see my GP tomorrow, to review my blood toxicity, but the clinic mucked up the appointment, so it is now back to next Friday, with new bloods to be taken Monday. I am not an A&E beast, which is what the GP recommends I do, if I am in any doubt. It has now stopped, although still breathless and tight, which is the Biso and AF. (In my mind and the law according to me). Perhaps another question. If in permanent AF, do others get ''attacks''? I seem to role on feeling quite well, then, in my words, get an attack that may last a few days, then I brighten up. My wife can definitely tell the onset of an episode..

  • I am in persistent AF.

    I do get occasional attacks and during one in June went by ambulance to A&E. HB had gone up to over 150 and BP was about 180, pains, etc. In addition there are times (sometimes an hour or a few hours or occasionally even days) where I feel worse and one or more of racing heart, heart activity, low BP, feeling very unwell, grumpy. These types of symptoms appear to be triggered by tiredness on quite a few occasions.

  • Hi maxred1

    I have been in AF 24/7 since being diagnosed over three years ago. Initially I had no symptoms.

    Over the last year symptoms have been increasing - breathless, lightheaded, front chest discomfort , heart thumping, very tired, chest vibrations. These symptoms can be isolated or I can experience more than one at a time. They can last for a few minutes or for several hours. Some weeks I have very few symptoms and then another week I get them most days. They can occur when I am walking or sitting with no triggers other than walking uphill. At present they are investigating the length of time my heart pauses.

    Take care


  • Thank you Marion, appreciate that. That actually mirrors what I have been experiencing. I had thought that if I got my medictation at an acceptable level, to me, that the symptoms may abate. Not so. It would appear that regardless where the BP sits, and the pulse, you are still asymptomatic,. Had a chuckle two weeks ago after my meeting with the EP. He sent me to get an ECG. Young male tech. Three times he took it. On the fourth, with a sigh he called in the supervisor. It's ok, full AF, with a very long pause arythmia. Supervisor gave me a knowing wink, and the young lad breathed a sigh of relief. I think he thought I was about to flatline..

  • Hi maxred1,

    I'm still waiting for my test results - I was just wondering if they told you how long your heart was pausing for - and if they did, did they offer any solutions other than medication?



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