Something new to me!

Hello all

I'm having something new happening to me when I lie down at night on my left, never had this before. It feels like an extremely fast, light heart beat, almost like a machine-gun, maybe 4-5 beats per second, something of that order. It doesn't make me feel ill and usually lasts just a minute or two and may repeat a few times. It seems to go away but that might be because I turn over, not sure, I'll give it a try tonight and see what happens!

I'm also going to try and hold my AliveCor tonight but think that is going to be difficult.

Been Googling it and wondered if this is paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia? And is it worth going back to see my EP do you think?

Thank you


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  • Sounds like something I've had Koll. I can only lie on my left side or back. It helps to lie on my back with plenty of seems to disappear but has also turned into fast AF ( sorry!)


  • I get similar when I wake up, turn onto my back and stretch. SVT my last holter said but only lasting a few seconds at a time. Doesn't happen regularly so ignored it.

  • I cant lie on my left side at all, if I try I become very aware of my heart bumping around and protesting. Has been like that for many years.


  • I get it occasionally and it normally goes away so I ignore it.

  • I used to get it as soon as I lay on my back, ectopics, fast runs or a sort of heart shiver! Only lasted a minute or two and I felt OK. It hasn't happened for a while. It would be interesting to see if you can get a Kardia trace!

  • It seems quite common. I get it if I sleep on my left side (which is how I used to sleep) . When I sleep on my right side it is fine. Something else to change so that AF doesn't control me; I control it!

  • Can't sleep or lie on my left side sets AF off and has done for years!

  • Yes, I can't sleep on my left because I get heart wobbles, but never had these bursts of very fast runs. Just like a little machine gun.

    Anyhow, as a lot of people seem to get the same with no problem, I'll just mention it to my EP next time I see him unless it gets worse or whatever.

    I didn't even think to record it last night as my father-in-law had a stroke. Dialled 999 and rushed him to hospital for scan, scanner down due (we think) to the NHS hackers, so had to divert to another hospital where the scanner was up and running. Then when the scan was done and no brain bleed found, back in the ambulance to the original hospital where the scanner was down, as that's where they have the stroke unit.

    Thanks for this forum and all you guys 😀, so reassuring.


  • I liked for the thanks! Very sorry about your father in-law, hope he is OK?

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