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At last!

After buying Alivecor a few weeks ago and making appt with great EP privately, I have at last moved things along. I saw EP yesterday, he was very happy to accept Alivecor readings and he was so straightforward, kind, empathetic and totally on my side. Yep, have PVI, take Flecanide as PIP and I will see him in about 6 - 8 months back in NHS for the procedure. Really happy with outcome. I just hope it doesn't clash with our holiday next year... Lol.

Just had to tell all you great folks here, made a big difference to how I feel about things now.


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Good result Linda. Never mind the holiday it will be worth the fuss if it does clash. Do you have to start anticoagulants three months before the procedure or are you already on them?



Thanks Bob, I started anti coats over 18 months ago, so nothing will change. Good to see a path forward 😊


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