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AF / Lupus

Hi, this might sound like a silly question, but I'll ask anyway.

I have had really painful joints for a couple of years. One day Ok, next day agony, and it attacks different random joints on different days. Mostly wrists, elbows, hips, knees, and oddly middle toes on both feet. Now I get pain under bottom ribs on right hand side as a "pre warning" and have developed IBS symptoms as well. Had two bouts of A F since March. Wow 😲 what a crank !!!!!

Anyone got any similar symptoms? Or can anyone offer advice. Ps - I haven't had rash or ulcers, but my hands do go blue and really cold. Researched Lupus, but nervy of asking the doc as he says it's arthritis and difficult to treat because of Warfarin.

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Check your BP and your SpO2 levels regularly and keep a log.


Hi , I can relate to your joint problem, turns out very low vit d is at least part of the cause. I also have digestive problems and do not absorb vitamin d or b12 very well. Haven't quite got to the route of the problem yet, but am making some progress. May be worth getting checked, if you haven't already, it's just a blood test. Hope this helps.


Just a thought....Could also be that you're reacting to certain foods in all the medical mix. I cut gluten right down in my diet this last few months and now not having to take anti inflammatory meds which I'd been using regularly every day since 1987! I hate cranky fads, but am having to accept that this is making a difference. I wouldn't dare to say that this is your situation, but I reckon it's worth exploring the digestive route as Jackieboy55 is doing. The gut is at the root of a lot of other maladies. My daughter's regular Iritis was rooted in a problem with the gut, and another friend cut out acid fruits and saw a considerable drop in inflammation of joints. However, your hands going blue does suggest lupus or a circulatory problem. Is the rib pain a 'pre warning' of AF? Def do what PeterWh recommends and keep that log, I hope you suss all this out before long.


Wow, thankyou. My hospital specialist who originally investigated said it was "gouty attacks" and put me on allopurinal even though uric acid levels were normal. I will investigate your advice right now!


There may be little or no chance you have Lyme disease, but if you do you could be in a world of hurt if you ever take flecainide. I suggest you check out this symptoms page and see if you think it's worth getting tested.


IBS is an autoimmune disease so you may also have other autoimmune diseases as they tend to come in clusters. Have you considered rheumatoid arthritis - this tends to come and go and symptoms include pain in various joints.

There is an excellent RA forum on HU as well. The only way to really know is to go see your GP and ask for investigations as whatever we think it might be, you will not know until y have some tests done.

Hope you get some answers.

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You could also consider trying an osteopath who does soft tissue work (it's the soft tissue bit that's important). If your muscles are too tight, it puts pressure on the joints, and for me, pain in my knees is usually an indication of tight muscles in my legs and lower back.

It sounds as though your AF is paroxysmal. When you say you've developed IBS symptoms, is it just gurgly tummy sounds? If it is, it could be related to the vagal nerve - I know my heart is considering AF when my tummy starts gurgling. I often get back pain just before or just after and it can be in the lower back, roughly where you are describing. Again, an osteopath could help with this.

Not discounting any other conditions, but this is one route worth considering.



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