Back from hospital

To update everyone, my GP sent me from his surgery to CCU 12 days ago in fast AF. They attempted Cardioversion on 2 consecutive days, unsuccessfully at which point the consultant said it clearly wasn't going to work. He then tried loading doses of Bisoprolol10mgs a day and Amioderone 400mgs three times a day, also no effect. He then phoned the electro physiologist in Liverpool and I was transferred three days later. On Friday he performed an ablation. I am now home, with a pulse of 58-62and feeling good. I can't praise these doctors enough, and I hope my experience will encourage everyone.

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  • Well done Lorna! Sounds like you have had 1st class pleased for you.

    Rest carefully now .

    Very best wishes , Sandra

  • Great news and wonderful treatment. Now make sure that you rest for at least two weeks and don't worry if things get shaky from time to time. It takes three months for things to settle down as I am sure they will have told you.

    Well done.


  • Great, it lovely the way you all encourage one another, Blessings, J

  • Wow....thanks for sharing your experiences, I hope all is well now and rest as much as you can. Best wishes, J

  • Now that is what you call specialised treatment. Brilliant how all medical staff worked together and they didn't mess around trying too many different meds.

    Really happy for you and just relax now to let your heart heal.

  • Is this the Northern Powerhouse at work....?

  • That's wonderful, not being in fast AF in the first place but to get it sorted with good results is a result. Hope all keeps going well for you, take it easy for a few weeks.


  • That was really superb health care for what must have been a very frightening experience. It's an attractive way to have an ablation - no wondering and dithering - just get it done!

    I hope it takes care of your AF for good and wish you NSR and a good recovery - thank you for sharing your experience. It helped me to keep my condition in perspective.

  • Best wishes and may it last for ever 😀

  • HI Lorna

    I live quite close to you I think. Thanks for your message and congratulations for your success with your ablation. Hope the good feelings last. Take care. I do feel encouraged.

    Good wishes


  • (applause)

  • Apart from the days in hospital and general upset, that's a speedy way of moving yourself forwards a long way!

  • Great news hope u stay in nsr forever now, look after yourself! i got my ablation the 9th of november and the only bit im not looking forward to is having the camera down my throat but hopefully will be worth it if it works. Im always in AF and really been getting me down. I Feel about 80 years old at mo and im only 36! Great to hear your good, nice to hear some good news from an AF sufferer, i will keep everyone posted as to how i get on with my ablation.

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