Gutted to say the least

I would like to say I had my 1st ablation on the 27th May this year and was doing really well and felt fantastic. Three weeks ago I woke up at 7am went to the toilet and thought....I'm going back in bed it was Sunday and the whole house was in bed, just got back in bed and bang! bang! it was back!! I had done nothing different...I was at home in my own bed...I do not drink alcohol....and was relaxed and happy.

I am so disappointed and the symptoms are once again getting worse and worse.

So in my opinion whether your on holiday, drinking. smoking, dancing, resting or eating it makes no difference...if AF is going to come back it will come back regardless!

I am seeing my EP on Friday...fingers crossed it won't be too long before I'm back in sinus rhythm.

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  • Like I always say, if you are lucky enough to find a trigger then great but most people just get AF for no reason . They have AF,ergo it happens. End of story. Good luck with your EP. I had three ablations before mine went for good.


  • Sounds like the Vagus Nerve is the culprit after you quite understandably, given the opportunity, went for a deep relaxation opportunity.

    I have no medical knowledge or corroboration but all I can say is I am wary of such situations and deliberately avoid them just in case......dissappointing to miss such opportunities particularly as not sure if they would cause AF but I do it nonetheless. If I am in that situation, I would go back to bed but I would take some big deep breaths as if I was getting ready to do something hard and more slowly relax.

    Somebody here mentioned they went into AF when attending a top concert venue by their favourite band and as I am a big music lover I would also be wary of such an occasion e.g. for me Fleetwood Mac at the O2 arena!

    I am addressing this by doing more relaxation exercises on a daily basis so in the future when a deep relaxation opp occurs my Vagus Nerve/heart won't react so much and AF won't happen. Fingers crossed anyway!

  • Sorry to hear that abihel - I had my first ablation around the same time as yours and I can imagine your disappointment to be back in AF.

    But be positive. Clearly your ablation wasn't 100% so it's probably best to get on and arrange for the 2nd procedure to tidy things up once and for all. Let's face it, when you are completely AF free, and you will be, you'll want it to be because your ablation treatments were entirely successful and not because you avoid having a Sunday lie in!

    Good luck with No 2 of 2......

  • Thank you An...I'll do takes...I've had a taste of feeling well and able to do anything I want....and I want more of this. xxxx

  • Sorry to hear this - very disappointing but I'm sure your EP will be able to help

  • Sorry to hear this abihel. I had my first procedure in February and had a good few months symptom free, however over the past couple of weeks my symptoms returned all be it nowhere near as bad. I was told by my EP that there could be every chance of a 2nd ablation and like Bob states more than two is not uncommon. My AF at the moment is very responsive to my medication and the episodes I'm experiencing are quite short, so I'm sorry to hear yours are prolonged. People have stated on here ablations are part of the ongoing treatment of AF, so even though it's a tough time try to think positive in that one day you will be symptom free.

    Wishing you well,


  • Thank you Jason....fingers crossed for both of us xxx

  • Hi. I am also in need of a second ablation. Even though I knew it was likely, I was gutted when it was confirmed. Taking the initial step to have a first ablation, was difficult but now I feel committed to see it through to the best possible outcome. I really hope the next one is successful for all of us second third or fourth timers. X

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