Coffee verses alcohol

I must say it was coffee more than alcohol I knew I would miss , but found that kenco decafe very good , and I buy a course ground Italian for my coffee machine and cafeteria on DISCOUNT Coffee website that is lovely ( will try the wine though ) Love all these tips. :-) .last time I had wine I was blue lighted to A & E. With. Heart rate of 184

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  • Lingooz I'm not surprised with the alcohol I hated the way it upped my blood pressure and made my heart race. I'm a tea drinker but have the odd coffee I might check that one out...

  • I love Yorkshire tea decafe

  • Yeah, Kenco decaf for me too, very nice.

  • Sorry PG decaf tea for me.


  • Any decaf tea for me but I will try the kenko decaf coffee thanks for the info

  • We just changed tea from Yorkshire decaf, which is very nice indeed to Red Bush which is apparently naturally decaf, whatever that means. Again, very nice, more of a slight scented flavour and refreshing.

  • I have discovered I like anything decaf, will try the Kenco. And peppermint tea first thing in the morning, it's delicious and refreshing. I've realised there's a whole non-caffeinated world out there. And those Nescafe fancy coffees that come in boxes have a decaf, unsweetened cappuccino version I'm sadly addicted to. I have to be very careful with alcohol too, it's good at upping the heart rate. I was muttering about alcohol free champagne yesterday in the shop and my other half just started laughing!

  • I think peppermint tea may be high in Vitamin K. Green tea (yuk) also.

  • Really??? Crikey... Thanks Rellim...

  • Surely not a problem if you have it every day!

  • Well, no, mostly at weekends so it's very good to know. It hadn't even crossed my mind! Vit K turns up in the weirdest places...

  • Yes we supposed to avoid green tea

  • Red bush tea is great - no caffeine and rich in anti oxidants, with or without milk.

  • As a confirmed tea drinker, I honestly can't taste a difference between "ordinary" and decaf, so it's decaf every time for me - currently I tend to favour Tetleys, but I could just as easily have Yorkshire or PG Tips.

  • Thanks for the suggestions :) - I'm drinking Tesco Decaff tea at the moment and it's just OK.

  • I found coffee incl decaff no good and miss it so tracked down Orzo coffee, organic substitute made from an Italian barley; this is as near as it gets and miles better than others I have tried in the past like Barleycup etc.

  • My normal hot drink is Barley Cup. It's ok as long as it's hot. I don't drink coffee at all, have had 6 cups of tea in the last 6 years, yet several cans of cola. I've heard of Orzo; I will have to give it a try.

    I have no prblem with alcohol. I prefer a glass of wine to beer or cider as my prostate medication works best with wine, isn't good with beer and cider, and doesn't seem to work at all if I have fruit juice, or fruit within 6 hours of going to bed..

  • Red bush doesn't need the caffeine removed cause there's none to begin with, I've heard they use all sorts of chemicals to remove the caffeine from tea & coffee. Oh I like tetley de-caff & red bush

  • As long as you buy proper tetley or typhoo of tips etc it's all ok. Decaf nescafe too and of course costa decaf!!!

    Red Bush is nice and different but doesn't taste like proper tea to those that haven't had it.

    Sadly most of true alcohol free stuff doesn't even taste like a good substitute. I Have been to pubs and asked for decaf coffee instead of alcohol free drinks ( sad eh lol )

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